Charles Ezekiel Mozes Had His Own Way of Processing Having 2 Moms – Facts about Cynthia Nixon’s Son

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Charles Ezekiel Mozes was one of the three children that Cynthia Nixon, a long-time actress and singer had. His mom started a romance with another woman when he was just a child. It took him some time to accept his mother’s lover as his guardian.

Cynthia Nixon (mother of Charles Ezekiel Mozes) separated with his father, Danny Mozes the photographer and educator in 2003, and fell in love Christine Marinoni a year later.

His younger brother is Samuel Joseph (now known as Seph). Before his mother began dating, Christine Marinoni considered if she could take care of her children.

She revealed that her partner was exceptional. The actress said she cared more about the way a partner might treat her children than her sexuality. Cynthia Nixon believed her partner improved their family.

Cynthia’s oldest child, Samuel, called Christine the word “Ma” first. Charles, the youngest of her children, was also called “Ma” by Cynthia, though it took him a while to get used to having two mothers.

Charles Ezekiel Mozes’s teachers were the first ones to help him understand his family’s dynamics

Charles’s family understanding went through various stages. His mom was the one who helped him understand. The following are some of the observations made by“It’s like Charlie tried to understand what people thought about him at 3 years old and his family. It was absolutely amazing.”

Charles’ teachers were among the first people to call Cynthia and Christine “Charlie’s moms.” He returned from school that day to find out what had happened. The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Christine said, “You too are my mommy!”

Christine Marinoni and Cynthia Nixon pose at the opening night after party for The New Group Theater production of "The True"at Yotel's Green Fig Urban Eatery on September 20, 2018, in New York City | Source: Getty Images

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Charles then came up with a new name for Christine, which Cynthia began calling her “Mama Christine”. Charlie asked, ‘Where is Papa?’ one morning while we were having breakfast and Christine was showering. What if my daughter asked me, “Papa?” What do you mean, Daddy? Then he replied: “No, Papa!” Christine!'” Cynthia Recalled In 2010,

Charles’s Barber once told him that he should ask his father to give him an older brother. The youngster thought for a while before finally deciding to do so. You can say that“Sometimes, I call Christine Mommy.”

Cynthia Nixon, winner of the award for Best Featured Actress in a Play for "The Little Foxes," poses with Christine Marinoni outside the press room during the 2017 Tony Awards at 3 West Club on June 11, 2017, in New York City | Source: Getty Images

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Charles Ezekiel Mozes blends family

His dad fell in love with another woman who had two children from an earlier relationship after the separation. His dad also remained friends with his mother — famous for her role in “Sex and the City,” alongside Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica ParkerThen, Kristin David — leaving Charles Three moms And a father.

Christine Marinoni and Cynthia Nixon are pictured at the 2018 New York City Pride March on June 24, 2018, in New York City | Source: Getty Images

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Charles Ezekiel Mozes Has Two Siblings

Max’s mother Christine carried him to term after both moms had conceived Max with a homosexual male couple. All three of Max’s siblings were enrolled New York Public Schools Their mother was not interested in sending them to an elite school, where all the students were rich and well-known.

Cynthia, their mother, is also a strong advocate Quality education In 2018, she was a spokesperson for Alliance for Quality Education for the 17th year.

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