Celebs who follow celebrities are more likely than others to behave negatively

Celebs who follow celebrities are more likely than others to behave negatively

  • A Facebook document shows that some celebs have Instagram followers “feel more negative comparison.”
  • That group also included celebrity followers like Charli d’Amelio, Ariana Grande, and others.
  • The Wall Street Journal published the document as a research paper on social comparisons on Instagram.

According to Facebook, Instagram users of celebrities and influencers like Charli D’Amelio and Billie Eilish feel more. “negative comparison”You can connect with other members of the platform and not just followers of top accounts like “The Ellen Show”Or Dwayne “The Rock”Johnson, according The Wall Street Journal has published internal documents. 

The document does NOT define any specific terms. “negative comparison” as a term, but per survey questions included in the document, it seems to signify how users view themselves negatively vis-à-vis the content that they encounter on Instagram. 

“How bad, if at all, do you feel about yourself because of other people’s posts on Instagram?”It is also one of the survey questions. “how often do you feel discouraged about your own life after seeing others’ accomplishments on Instagram?”

The slide deck, which compiles survey results and behavioral data regarding social comparison on Instagram, is part of a series of six that The Wall Street Journal published following a September investigation. Facebook knew the negative effects Instagram’s photo sharing app Instagram had on users.Teen girls are particularly vulnerable. This report led to a hearing in the Senate Commerce Committee on Thursday.

A September 26th company newsroom postingFacebook attacked The Wall Street Journal’s interpretation of the research, which claimed that Instagram was showing evidence of its own existence. “toxic”to teenagers, saying that it found that “teens report having both positive and negative experiences with social media.”

According to the slide deck, Instagram users feel worse if they see more celebrity posts in their main stream. Slide deck shows which celebrities have the most followers. “feel more negative comparison,”This suggests that the company could work with partners to reduce those effects.

These celebrities included Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and Eilish. Influencers such as D’Amelio, Addison Rae and Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian were also among them. 

Instead, the followers of “top accounts”Like that of “The Ellen Show,”Will Smith, Johnson, World Star and Johnson felt it “less negative comparison,”The document is the guideline. 

“Controlling for demographics, people feel more negative comparison after greater exposure to fashion posts, high Like counts on others’ posts, celebrities polished content in Feed, and selfies (particularly filtered ones),”This is the message from an internal company platform that shared the slide deck. 

D’Amelio speaks out about the negative impact that social media has had upon her life. Clips “The D’Amelio Show,”You can find more information at

The series follows Charli and Dixie, their sister Dixie and their parents. It shows the sisters crying after they receive negative comments on Instagram and TikTok. 

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