Bruce Willis reported to have struggled with cognitive symptoms for many years on Film Sets

Bruce Willis has secretly struggled for years to keep making movies while experiencing symptoms of aphasia, a language disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate.

While filming 2020’s movie “Hard Kill,”According to the Los Angeles Times: Willis, who was carrying blanks in a gun, fired twice at actors.

Because he knew his career was ending and wanted to provide for his family, the beloved action star at 67 years old made 22 movies with low budget budgets in the last four years.

One clip from the movie “American Siege,”You can see the device in his ear that was used to feed him his lines.

The film “Out of Death,” Willis’ scenes were compressed into a single day of shooting. His dialogue was also preserved “short and sweet.” Director Mike Burns told the writers, “We need to abbreviate his dialogue a bit so that there are no monologues.”

“I could see that there were times where it was difficult for him to get through something. And there were times where I felt like maybe he had a little bit lost the thread. We would see him getting tired and not able to perform at the levels we were used to,” Burns said.

Interview with the film’s director “Glass,”His speech was deliberate, slow, and low.

Bruce Willis’ declining memory became a concern to his coworkers. The set of the movie “The Last Stand”. “White Elephant,”He reportedly got so confused that he asked his cast and crew for help. “I know why you’re here, but why am I here?”

“Aphasia can be caused by previous stunts, something that happened 20 years ago. It can be caused by something more acute — infection, dementia or a tumor,” neuropsychologist Dr. Sanam Hafaez told Inside Edition.

Willis is being cared for by his blended family — his wife Emma, ex-wife Demi Moore and his five daughters. They announced Wednesday that he is stepping away from his acting career after the aphasia diagnosis.

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