Braxton Sisters Treat Him Like a Bad Husband – Traci Braxton’s Funeral

Braxton Sisters Treat Him Like a Bad Husband - Traci Braxton's Funeral

  • Kevin Surratt claimed that Traci Braxton’s sister, Traci, is treating him like an unfaithful husband.
  • “I was with my wife … more than anybody in this world,”He said Page Six.
  • Surratt had a viewing for Braxton last Wednesday, but Braxton’s sister and her mother weren’t there.

Kevin Surratt claimed Traci Braxton’s sister Traci Surratt is treating him as a bad husband because he planned a funeral. They said that it was against her wishes.

“I was with my wife … more than anybody in this world,” Surratt told Page Six. “I know my wife, and when she got cancer, we really started to communicate about funeral plans and I was still trying to find treatments for her.”

He also added: “I went to every single one of her doctor appointments throughout our entire marriage. That’s how we were, and now they’re treating me like a [deadbeat] husband.”

Braxton, who was 50 years old, succumbed to esophageal Cancer earlier this month. Surratt confirmed Braxton’s death, as previously reported by Insider. TMZA saying “we have come to a time where we must inform the public that after a year of privately undergoing a series of treatment for Esophageal cancer our beloved Traci Braxton has gone on to glory.”

Surratt held a viewing for Braxton last week but her sisters — Toni Braxton, Tamar Braxton, Trina Braxton-Scales, and Towanda Braxton — and their mother Evelyn Braxton did not attend.

Surratt told Page SixHis father-in law and brother-in laws “came in briefly.”

The Braxton family, according to some reports, held their own private funeral on April 2, which would’ve been Traci’s 51st birthday.

Toni Braxton virtually It was featured on the “Tamron Hall”ShowTuesday was the day she confirmed it.

“Her birthday is coming up soon — on the second — and my sisters and I are going to celebrate and have a big Traci day… So, I’m excited about that,”Braxton shared his thoughts with Hall.

Insider asked Toni Braxton for clarification, but she did not immediately reply.

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