British Television Exports to the U.S. Drop by 11%

British television exports to America fell 11% last year. However, there was an increase in TV sales in Canada and Australia.

Indie trade body Pact’s latest TV Exports Report found that UK distributor revenues from the U.S. still dominated, comprising around one-third of all revenues, but they declined by 11% to £510M ($612M). The growth rate was 25% higher than the previous year, thanks to the addition of the following: MasterChef Are You a Millionaire Wanted? You landed in the U.S.

“The decline of the U.S. market has been offset by very strong growth in a number of markets, most notably in Europe,” the report stressed, with the value of the overall UK TV international exports market returning to the pre-pandemic level of £1.5BN. BBC One Drama was the top-rated drama this year. SAS Rogue Heroes MGM+ (U.S. streamer) acquired the rights to acquire it.

Growth in the Nordics, Germany and The Netherlands respectively was just shy of the 50% mark each, with total revenues in the first two almost hitting £100M and The Netherlands shooting up to £36M. Canada rose 32% to £92M and Australia 25% to £118M.

Similar results were found in the UK distribution survey. Nearly all respondents (92%) stated that rising production costs would have an effect on UK content distribution over the following year. They also saw a rise from 69% to 85%, while a lack of financial support by commissioners increased to 85%.

In September, a similar Pact producers report showed the UK’s lowest level of international TV revenues for five years, while spend from the streamers dropped by £50M.

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