Below Deck’s Kate Chastain can’t return to ‘Real Yachting’ after her time on The Show

Below Deck's Kate Chastain can't return to 'Real Yachting' after her time on The Show

There are people who are simply synonymous with their job. Tom Brady is to footballing what Jeff Probst to hosting. The name Kate Chastain is synonymous both with yachting and reality TV shows. Below Deck. After retiring at 37, the famously sharp-witted chief supervisoress of Bravo’s Bravo show has retired from that industry. She shared more details about why she couldn’t return to. “real”Yachting is the future

In 2020, the reality star officially gave up her old chief stew lapels. She had been the headliner of her own show up until then. Below Deck for ­six seasons under Captain Lee and was a regular unknown yachtie for six years before that. A recent interview with the Yung Flamingo podcastKate Chastain said that the show wasn’t right or proper. “real”Yachting is defined as the fact that the workers aboard aren’t always the focal point of attention. Chastain was aware of this, even though filming Below DeckThis was “exciting,”She was right at the point she was. “just over it,” adding:

Before the first season aired I had tried to work on a boat. And you know, once you’ve filmed a reality show of your job to then go and try and do that same job without a production team of 70 following you around, it’s just less exciting. It was frustrating that no one noticed me brushing my teeth. [laughs]After the first season aired I believe I took one freelance position as a favor for a friend. ‘Can we get a selfie with you?’And I was like ‘Sure, but I gotta go make your Bloody Mary first.’It was awkward. It was just too much.

Hannah Ferrier, another alumnus, is in the same metaphorical boat as her. But since quitting yachting – “real” or otherwise – Kate Chastain revealed to Showbiz CheatsheetShe has also taken up space in Florida’s event planning/party planning sector. She still appears on Bravo from time-to-time to chat with Andy Cohen about current happenings with the Bravo network. Below Deck franchise. In fact, she had one of her trademark saucy takes on those shocking scenes. Below Deck: Sailing YachtLast season of hookups

While the candid alum might not be cleaning out toilets or overseeing sloppy stews, it seems that things have actually come full circle for her. Apparently, previous yacht captains of hers have paid to fly her out to exotic marinas she once only worked at – just to have meet-and-greets with guests who were fans of her on the show. Chastain pithily noted, “Like, you know, I did the damn thing.”

Following Kate Chastain’s exit, the Bravo network has endeavored to replace the fan-favorite with a new chief stew that would become the face of the franchise. It hasn’t exactly been working out, though. Francesca Rubi didn’t return after Season 8, and it looks as though newest addition Heather Chase won’t, either, considering the backlash she’s getting for using a slur in recent episodes. Chastain will be missed by her loyal fans, it’s obvious.

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