Below Deck: Daisy Kelliher of the Sailing Yacht drops F-Bomb while discussing post-season feud with primary guests

Below Deck: Daisy Kelliher of the Sailing Yacht drops F-Bomb while discussing post-season feud with primary guests

Erica Rose, and the company she keeps on vacation with her, are quite well-known. Below Deck: Sailing Yacht. They’ve returned for back-to-back seasons, and their behavior is not particularly popular amongst the cast. Actually, as Season 3 gets off to a tipsy start, Rose’s husband was perceived by fans as embellishing his outbursts in recent episodes for ratings. Daisy Kelliher isn’t the only one in trouble. The chief stew recently dropped an F-bomb, while being very candid about the post-season feuding between the famous primary guests.

Daisy Kelliher Reveals Real Reason Behind Below Deck: Sailing Yacht Guest Problems

Talking about her Pita Party podcastDaisy Kelliher, co-host and former co-star Alli Done, immediately began the conversation with the backstory of the beef. The Bravo alum took it all the way back to the conclusion of Season 2’s run and the controversial social media messages she reportedly came across from Rose’s mom, Cindi, (who was shown making big demands last year). Kelliher retrieved the supposed receipts of the messages and claimed Captain Glenn was called rudely to Cindi by Rose’s mom, Cindi. “bachelor who likes to be alone”Who initiated the action? “fake” drama alongside Kelliher. She also claimed that Kelliher was “immature” “two-faced”Kelliher was a snarky guest and had never done any actual work on the boat. Kelliher fumed about the whole ordeal, and stated:

This is what I saw when I first saw it. [Cindi’s message]It made my blood boil. Because it’s lies, it’s slanderism. It’s insane. And I didn’t retaliate. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t do anything. I ignored it. Then, obviously, they came back. I knew that I needed to do something to help people who I consider complete bullies. They are everything I hate about social networks. I hate lying. I hate fabricators. People who use social media to spread gossip are vile. And they’re everything of what I think represents is awful in the world and awful about social media.

The Below Deck: Sailing Yacht Cast mate stated that it was the comments and not their original behavior that caused discontent. She said that her previous comments made her weep and that they were the ones that caused the discontent. “awful, awful people.”Daisy Kelliher said they were, in fact “batshit crazy.”

Below Deck: Sailing Yacht Star Addresses Issue With Erica Rose

Daisy Kelliher apparently heard from Erica Rose, the main primary, who is a Bachelor Nation alumna and a practicing lawyer, that she had criticized her character after Season 2. The current third season of Season 2 is airing, and the primary called out Kelliher as well as the rest of the cast for not being reality TV stars who put on a show. Her family confirmed that they were just doing it to boost ratings. The chief stew reflected on her own perception of Rose during the podcast – and it didn’t sound pretty. She said:

I don’t mind people having an opinion about me. Obviously, it’s not nice reading things when people don’t like me or say nasty about me, but you’re entitled to your opinion. But that’s literal slander and for someone who’s a lawyer and banging on about her law degree, [Erica Rose] should know what slander is and it’s just not nice. They’re just very, very strange people. I think there’s a lot of substance abuse involved – again, my opinion, I don’t know – but just volatile, strange people.

You’re talking about bad blood. Sailing YachtAlthough she knows a lot about this, it is usually about shady posts on social media about ex-boatmances and baby paternity scandals than actual guests.

Unhappy primaries aside, there’s still a lot more to go in Below Deck: Sailing Yacht’s third season, including complicated romantic entanglements (with one situation involving Daisy Kelliher and Gary King). You can catch the latest episodes Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo or with a Peacock subscription. Kelliher appears to have an ultimatum for Erica Rose and other F-bombs when it comes to her own future. “If Bravo decides to bring them on again, I will be walking so fucking far off that ship. No. No.”

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