Arsenal star Eddie Nketiah scores sensational backheel flick in win over Wimbledon

Arsenal’s young sensation Eddie Nketiah found the net with an audacious flick on Wednesday evening.

The Gunners took on League One’s AFC Wimbledon for the third round Carabao Cup.

Mikel Arteta had chosen a strong team for the cup tie, even though the Dons were the lowest-ranked in the competition.

Nketiah was able to play alongside the first team in the clash.

Nketiah was capable of darting to the front post, before he flicked with his heel the ball past Nikola Tzanev in Wimbledon goal.

Nketiah found the net with the audacious flick
Nketiah found the net with the audacious flick

“He might be better than [Mason] Greenwood uno,” one Gunners fan tweeted in reply to the clip.

A second added: “File this in the things you love to see folder.”

“Delighted Eddie Nketiah got a goal tonight. The internet managers were hoping Balogun would start, but Eddie more than earned it. Hope he finds a first-team spot somewhere in the near future,” another added.

But not all Arsenal fans were impressed: “Hopefully, it makes it easier to sell him.”

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Nketiah's goal was Arsenal's third of the game
Nketiah’s goal was Arsenal’s third of the game

After the full-time whistle, Arteta said in his press conference: “I think Eddie gives us a lesson every day in how a professional should do his job.

“There was lots of speculation around him. He keeps his head down, works hard, and supports all team members. I’m so happy for him.”

Wednesday evening was Nketiah’s first competitive outing with the first team this season.

However, last season Nketiah made 17 appearances in the Premier League, but he only managed to find the net twice.

Nketiah almost left Arsenal over the summer
Nketiah almost left Arsenal over the summer

Arsenal star Eddie Nketiah scores sensational backheel flick in win over Wimbledon

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Nketiah nearly moved to Crystal Palace last summer.

“He’s daft, that’s what it is,” Danny Mills told talkSPORT over the potential deal.

“He’s being badly advised. Sometimes it is necessary to step backwards in order to move forward.

“You have to back yourself and say: ‘You know what, it’s not really what I want right now, I might have to take a little bit of a cut, but I’m going to go there.”

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