American Pickers is Back, But Fans Still Aren’t Over Frank Fritz’s Firing

American PickersA Frank-less Season 23 was launched at the start of 2022. However, there are still some fans who are unhappy with Frank Fritz’s 2021 episode. In fact, reports indicate that ratings are down for the History series after Mike Wolfe’s former co-star was not asked back and a public back-and-forth ensued. Fritz is still being commented on a lot by fans. American Pickers-related posts. 

Frank Fritz is not a regular guest on any episode of PickersSince March 2020, it has been more recent. Drama between Fritz Wolfe and Mike Wolfe became apparent online late last summer. After the former stated that he wanted to return to reality TV, a feud was initiated. His co-star Danielle Colby noted Frank “caused so much pain for himself”Before Wolfe confirmed Fritz hadn’t been asked backSeason 23. 

Despite the fact that current leads are of American Pickers may be aligned, that doesn’t mean the fanbase necessarily is. Ratings on the History show have declined after Frank’s exit became apparent. Live TV ratings have changed across the board, with DVR and streaming options. However, ratings are shifting from the summer, just before the public. PickersDrama was well-known and the last few episodes are quite startling.

Here’s the summary: Episodes of the drama were watched by more than 1.3 million viewers last summer. A report over at TV Shows AceNotes that 1,336,000 viewers tuned in to a pre-public split drama program that aired July 5, 2021. The July 19 episode saw 1,322,000,000,000 viewers tune in. After all the dirty laundry was aired online in September 2021, it’s now September 2021. American PickersOnly 1,028,000 million viewers tuned in to the Season 22 finale. While the Season 23 premiere was a minor success, 1,050,000 viewers tuned into this January. 

While one could blame the changing TV landscape, these numbers are still quite impressive. However, the show’s viewership has seen a substantial decline in the short time that it has been on air. It’s also worth noting that in this period, a lot of negativity from certain factions of the fanbase has been thrown onto social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Here are the latest Facebook postAt the time of writing, three out of five top comments seem to be about Frank. 

  • “Frank’s presence is the only thing that kept Mikes ego tolerable. What a sh** show.”
  • “I miss Frank!! He was more down-to-earth and personable.”
  • “Does anyone know the meaning of loyalty anymore?”

You should note that some of the comments from fans are very polite and concern how many people still watch the show every week. Yet, there is a lot naysaying on a lot social media accounts. Go to TwitterMultiple posts are just one of many fan fury at the Frank Fritz ordeal.

Screenshot of fans mad about Frank Fritz's exit.

(Image credit: Twitter)

Now, American PickersSeason 23 is back. Mike Wolfe brought his brother Robbie to pick the episodes, which were not aired in solo while Frank Fritz was allegedly undergoing surgery and rehabilitation. (Robbie Had been in a handful(Eps from the years before.) He’s also made it clear that Frank’s varying issues with “addictions” are what led the show to drop him, though Fritz has said he’s been sober for months now. So, even with varying parts of the fanbase clamoring, it’s unlikely they former star will be returning to History, though he’s also noted he’d be open to his own show. Now the question is: will they? American PickersAre viewers being lured back in or is this the new normal? We’ll keep ya posted. 

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