Your IQ will be high if you spot the eagle preparing to take its prey five seconds before it does

You will find a well-camouflaged Eagle hidden in the mountains. But can it be spotted in five seconds or less?

This optical illusion is a mind-boggling visual trick that hides the big-footed bird-of-prey in plain view.

People on the internet have been left scratching their head over the perplexing image


The perplexing image has left many internet users scratching their heads.Credit: Freshers live

It has been cleverly disguised by the natural mountain colours.

This bird is remarkable because of its enormous wingspan, which exceeds two metres.

These powerful animals use a variety of clever techniques to hunt prey, including stealth, camouflage and sophisticated hunting calls.

Internet users have left puzzled by the image of the mysterious bird hidden in plain view.

Optical illusion reveals tonnes about personality depending on what you see first
You're a genius if you can spot the four-leaf clover in under ten seconds

This optical game is a challenge. It may prove to be more difficult than you thought.

For a hint, you can look at the right side of the picture. You should see a part of an eagle’s huge wing sticking out.

If you can spot the bird within five seconds, then your eyesight is very good.

Optical illusions, which are becoming more popular every day puzzles, are an excellent way to get your mind thinking strategically.

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If you managed to spot the bird in just five seconds then you have very sharp eyesight


If the bird is spotted in five seconds, then your eyesight will be very sharp.Credit: Freshers live

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