Maisie Smith poses naked in Dubai as she drinks a glass in Dubai’s soapy tub

MAISIE Smith took a naked photo while enjoying a glass in Dubai’s soapy bathtub.

With Max George (34), the 21-year old recency flew to Dubai with Max George.

Maisie Smith posed naked as she sipped on a glass of bubbly in bath in Dubai


Maisie Smith took a naked photo while enjoying a glass bubbly at her Dubai bath
The couple are currently living their best lives in Dubai


Their best days are now in Dubai.

Fans have been following their Instagram adventures and are now updated by the pair.

Maisie enjoyed a full day sunbathing and then jumped in the hot tub for ultimate relaxation.

Former EastEnders actress shared an image of herself sipping champagne in the bath.

Maisie captioned this post with: “and relax …”

Max George strips naked for bubble bath after he & Maisie fly 1st class to Dubai
Maisie Smith's emotional mum shares video of her moving out of family home

The couple went to the beach earlier in the day for some cockails.

Maisie shared a photo of Max at the ocean with Max and a glass of water in her hands.

Max captured his little girl running into the water and then returning to shore.

He laughed and said, “Cold Water ain’t for my Girl.”

Max has taken a naked bath to enjoy a very sexy bubble soak.

The Wanted pop star filmed himself relaxing in the suds as he lay back in the cream-coloured tub.

While he was watching boxing, he relaxed.

They have had several luxurious getaways together since their public disclosure of their relationship last summer.

They have jetted off to Lapland, Portugal, Mallorca, Crete and even a holiday to Cyprus joined by their families.

They met when they were both involved in Strictly Come Dancing in 2020.

The pair jetted off to Dubai earlier this week


This week, the couple flew to Dubai.Credit: maisiesmithofficial/Instagram
The pair have been on multiple holidays since dating


They have shared multiple holidays together since their dating.Credit: maxgeorge/Instagram
Maisie wasn't a fan of the cold sea water


Maisie was not a fan cold water.
The pair met in 2020 on Strictly Come Dancing


In 2020, the pair met at Strictly Come Dancing.

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