Woman Shames Bumble Match Who Advised Her To Lose Some Weight!!

Finding the ideal match in this cruel online dating world can be extremely stressful. Though there are some love stories that get the roads to “forever” through dating platforms, many end up with broken pieces of their hearts. 

Woman Shames Bumble Match Who Advised Her To Lose Some Weight!!

When a TikToker recently texted her love interest on a dating platform, the reply was incredibly shocking. The rude response from the other person left the woman stunned, and she decided to reply publicly. 

When a confident singleton approached her love interest online, she was left broken. The man not only insulted her but also passed body-shaming comments and advised her to hit a gym. While most of the ladies will step back, being unable to handle the insult, the woman picked herself up and decided to take a stand. 

The Bumble Match!!

It was a bumble match and gradually the woman fell for the guy. However, the story ended on an unpleasant note. Emma, a TikTok user, shared a video to shame the man who was once his love interest. However, the man has showcased his cruel attitude online. Under the username @dilemma.rec the video went viral and got the attention of millions of people. 

Woman Shames Bumble Match Who Advised Her To Lose Some Weight!!

The clip was captioned, “Come get your man,” and it highlighted a Bumble chat. The conversation started with Emma questioning the man when they were going to the marriage. Emma tried to play it a bit smart as this question was highlighted on the man’s profile as he was looking for a wedding date. However, the reply was unexpected. The man said, “Nah, only chicks that weigh less than me,” taunting Emma. 

Emma quickly retaliated in a sarcastic manner, titling him as a “gem” and revealing that the lady who will end up with him will be “so lucky.” The conversation displayed on Emma’s TikTok video grabbed the attention of the netizens and they passed their views on the matter. 

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