Woman describes how she missed 3 flights in a line from same airport and all are saying the exact same thing

WOMAN reveals how she missed 3 flights on the SAME day.

The airport can be a stressful place, as everyone tries to get on the plane in time.

Sara explained how she missed three flights in a row from the same airport


Sara explained why she missed 3 flights from the same airport in a short period of timeCredit: TikTok/@facecination

Sara Poskonka, however (@facecination( ) explained how she missed not only the first flight she booked, but two more that were scheduled afterward.

In her videoShe explained that she had been flying solo for the very first time in 2019 to see her sister when, on three occasions she became confused at the airport.

First, she said that “she didn’t realize that the boarding time and the departure time were different things” which caused her to miss her flight number 1.

Sara, instead of leaving for her flight when she was supposed to have done so, “was at a pub having fun”.

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Sara, who had rescheduled her flight four hours earlier, missed it because the “gate actually got moved” and she wasn’t aware because her headphones were in.

Sara missed both her gate announcement and flight. She then had to schedule a second flight for the same day.

She was once again unable to get to her flight on time due to a change.

Sara stated that “I got a telephone call from my sibling saying they changed terminals. This meant I’d need to take the shuttle bus to get to next terminal”.

She was no longer able to reach the gate on time and the plane left without her.

By the time her flight arrived, which was her fourth of the day’s flights, it had been almost 12 hours since she saw her sister.

Sara’s videos has been viewed over 1.5 million times in only three days. People are baffled at how she managed to miss so many planes in one go.

The writer wrote, “Just.. observe? Like, observe? Listen? Look? “All the ways in which we obtain information.”

Another said: “How are you at the airport for 12 hours and don’t figure out how to get on a flight?”

A third added: “So you don’t check the gate until the last sec and repeat over and over!

“I’m frustrated for the family.”

Other people are stuck in airports for reasons beyond their control.

There are still ways to save money on food and entertainment, while trying to keep yourself occupied.

Travel writer Josh Martin toldStuff NZ It may be more cost-effective to purchase a lounge card than pay for meals at airports and beverages.

Josh said: “Splurge on or qualify for a lounge pass, which is incentive enough to get you to the airport on time and adds a bit of luxury (read as: open bar) to your departure.”

There is a suggestion that splashing out for an airport lounge will put a cap on your spending.

The typical airport lounge offers unlimited soft and alcoholic drinks as well as buffet style food. Other amenities include comfortable seats, plugs and perhaps even showers or games rooms.

The following is a list ofColumbus Direct Travel Insurance Company has conducted a survey., the cheapest airport lounge in the country is at Southampton, where access can be gained from £21.50.

The most expensive is said to be at Heathrow terminal 5, which costs £40 for entry.

However, Columbus have said that the average passenger spends £52 on food, drink, snacks and entertainment, such as books and magazines, at airports.

Leaving passengers with potential savings of almost £30, if they splash out on the lounge, adding a bit of luxury to their journey.

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Meanwhile, these parents use snacks to entertain their kids at airports.

And this traveller shared a hack to avoid spending money on drinks.

Sara didn't understand the difference between boarding and departure times


Sara couldn’t tell the difference between departure and boarding timesCredit: Getty

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