Woman criticised for piercing baby’s ears in viral TikTok

Woman criticised for piercing baby’s ears in viral TikTok

A TikTok viral video showing a baby boy having his ears pierced sparked furious debate. Some claimed he was. “way too young.”

The mother wrote the following in the video that has been viewed more 300,000 time. “Watch my baby get his ears pierced.” 

The TikTok showed the mother, nervously cradling her child while the procedure was being performed. The sound of the needles piercing made her shiver.

Inevitably, the baby begins to cry after the first hearing. “I’m so proud. You look so cute,”He is heard telling his mom.

The piercer continued to the second, warning: “The second one is always worse. I don’t know why, but it’s always worse.”

After he is done, his mother comforts him, who seems to be only a few months old.

“I’m so proud of you,”She spoke.

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The viral clip attracted hundreds of comments criticizing the mum for the act. She replied: “Y’all realize I’m getting paid for all y’all weird obsessed comments – go off y’all!!!!!!!! Keep me paid (sic).”

“No words apart from why would you do that to a newborn,”Another critic made a comment, which she replied: “Mind your business.”

One TikTok user suggested she “should have let him get old enough to choose if he wants his ears pierced,”Addition “#Iblamethepeircertoo.”

“You’re just trying to be cool,”An additional option was added. “Yes, he’s your child but don’t put it out there if you don’t want people’s opinion.”

“Unnecessary pain to a child. Children that can voice this is their choice should only have this. Mum and ear piercer should not do this. Poor baby,”An additional option was added.

One TikToker ran to the defense of the mother, saying: “Did you birth her baby? Let her do what she wants her baby her choices these comments are ridiculous.”

Another user said: “Calm down. They’re not your child so keep your opinion to yourself.”

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