Why Your Stomach Feels Hard when Pressed

Why Your Stomach Feels Hard when Pressed

It is possible that pressing on the abdomen and feeling it firm could indicate stomach cancer. Cancer would cause a feeling of being fuller all the time, but it’s more persistent and lasting. Also, you may experience heartburn and stomach cramping.

It’s crucial to note how long this feeling lasts, and to watch out for other symptoms. Contact a specialist if there is any question that this may not be constipation. You will be examined by a specialist who may recommend additional tests to diagnose the problem.

Avoid ignoring more obvious signs, such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, bloody vomit or stools, pain, lack of appetite and fatigue. Be sure to keep track of your symptoms so that you can discuss them with a medical professional. If you want to know what causes the hardening of your stomach, it’s best to discuss this with a healthcare professional.

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