Who Was Madeleine Albright’s Ex-Husband

Who Was Madeleine Albright’s Ex-Husband

Madeleine Albright and Joseph Albright began their relationship when Madeleine Albright was hired as a summer intern at the Denver Post. They were married in 1959 after Albright graduated Wellesley College. Three years later, Albright and her husband welcomed their three children, twin girls, Alice and Katherine. Albright managed her family’s growing needs and married while earning a doctorate. She also worked for the Carter administration. The Guardian.

Her marriage was a disaster. MajorJoseph asked for a divorce. Albright stated in her memoir that she was a divorcee. “Madam Secretary,”Her husband had left her for a “younger woman.”Albright stated in the book that the unexpected moment occurred while Albright and Albright were drinking coffee in their living rooms. “Joe, just back from an overseas assignment, said we had to talk,”Albright wrote (via The Telegraph). “Then, without warning, he said: ‘This marriage is dead and I am in love with someone else.'”

Joseph struggled to make a decision between Albright and his new partner. “If he got the Pulitzer, he would stay with me,”She shared (via The Age), referring to his 1980 nomination for National Reporting. “If not, he would leave and we would get a divorce.”The final word is Joseph wasn’t the winner of this prestigious awardThe couple split in 1983. The New York Times

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