Whitney Bates Baby Ball Of Emotions With You For Your Next Chapter In Your Life!

Bringing up Bates Whitney and Zach are starting a new chapter in the lives of their stars. At the beginning of August, they made it clear to their fans that they had purchased a new home. They now own 17.5 acres of land.

They now have a new update. The pair shares four young kids, 6-year-old Bradley, 4-year-old Kaci, 1-year-old Khloé, and newborn Jadon. This is a huge chapter for the entire family.

In a new social media post, Whitney revealed that they spent the last night in their old house, and they’re making the move to their new home. They’ve experienced a lot of life in their current home, so it’s not easy for them to walk away. It’s what she calls home. “bittersweet.”

Whitney Bates Baby Ball Of Emotions With You For Your Next Chapter In Your Life!

Whitney Bates feels emotional when she experiences major life changes.

Later in her Post, Whitney talks about all of the emotions she’s feeling right now. She writes:

“As we walked through the house all empty, I was a ball of emotions. 😭 We’ve brought two of our babies home to this house, started Bradley and Kaci’s homeschool here, and had many birthday campouts in the living room. We have watched the children learn and grow. They now ride their bikes along the drive and can potty train. We will never forget watching their talent shows in front of the fireplace. “

She ends her post by writing: “We’ve shared a lot of emotions and cherished moments in this little home. We held hands and prayed together in our empty living room before we left and thanked God for the special time he allowed us to be here, and not gonna lie, many tears were shed.😭 But we’re so excited and looking forward to the next chapter and all the new memories that will be made!”

In the comments section of Whitney’s update, fans are sending words of encouragement and talking about their own similar experiences. Whitney and Zach have a lot of work ahead of them with the big move, but they will probably continue to keep fans updated on what’s going on.

So, are you excited to see what’s next for Zach and Whitney Bates? Are you a fan of her latest social media post? Comment below to let us know what you think.

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