What time is the Prime Minster’s Speech today, Tuesday November 30th?

BORIS Johnson today (30/11/2011) will announce the new measures being taken by the government to address the Omicron variant. 

This afternoon, the Prime Minister will speak about the new mandatory mask mandate that took effect in England on November 30, at 4am.

Boris Johnson will give a Covid press conference this afternoon, Downing Street has confirmed


Boris Johnson will hold a Covid press confernce this afternoon, Downing Street confirmsCredit: Reuters

11 cases of the new Covid-19 strain were found in the UK. More cases are expected to be discovered during the Christmas season.

Health secretary Sajid Javid unveiled new restrictions in an announcement over the weekend, with countries on the UK’s travel “red list”New mask mandates 

What time is Boris Johnson’s announcement today? Tuesday, November 30, at 12:01 p.m.

Downing Street has confirmed that Boris Johnson will be speaking at the Covid press conference on Wednesday afternoon. 

It is not known when the announcement will be made.

SAJID Javid provided an update yesterday afternoon (November 29,) on the Covid latest measures.

The Health Secretary told MPs in the House of Commons that he expects cases to rise in the coming days and weeks.

He stated: “Our strategy is to buy ourselves time and strengthen our defences while our world’s leading scientists learn more about this potential threat.”

What will Boris Johnson reveal?

Johnson is expected discuss the new booster vaccine rollout in his announcement. He will also outline plans for doubling the Government’s booster program. 

Currently, around 2.5m boosters were given each week. But Mr Johnson is expected increase this goal to 3.5m.

Johnson will likely encourage people to get their booster vaccinations after the rollout extended to all over-18s. The gap between second- and third doses has been halved, to three months.

He is expected to update us on travel restrictions in red-light nations and the testing and isolation requirements for international visitors.

It is not expected that the PM will announce further restrictions ahead of the festive period, such as England’s ‘Plan B’• Reserve vaccine passports for stadiums and nightclubs

The government in England has not encouraged people to work from home, despite Scotland’s work-from-home requirements.

Asked if the Government might tighten up England’s rules even further in the next three weeks, minister Edward Argar said: “It’s not something I’m anticipating.”

But the PM’s spokesman did not rule out tighter travel rules, or tighter rules after the new restrictions are reviewed in three weeks’ time.

Where can I see Boris Johnson’s speech from today?

The speech will air live on major news channels, including Sky News and BBC News, this afternoon.

BBC News can be viewed online by clicking here BBC iPlayer and Sky News via its YouTube channel.

Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, vowed that the NHS booster programme will be implemented “on steroids”In his speech of November 29,

But frustrated Brits aged 18 or over who would now be eligible were left confused after being unable to book a vaccine appointment yesterday.

This announcement caused a panic on the NHS vaccine booking site, with thousands waiting online to secure a slot.

Also, the Health Secretary confirmed that restrictions on travel and mask use will be lifted if this variant proves to not be as dangerous as initially feared.

He stated: “If it emerges that this variant is no more dangerous than the Delta variant, then we won’t keep these measures in place for a day longer than necessary.”

Minister claims it will take ‘a few days maximum’ to update the system so Brits are able to book covid booster jabs

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