What are the episodes in Camp Cretaceous season 5, Episodes 5?

Alongside the main Jurassic World films, Netflix’s animated Camp Cretaceous series has provided viewers with plenty of dinosaur thrills since it began airing in 2020.

Fans were left with a painful cliffhanger at the end of season 4, but the series returned in July 2022 for the highly anticipated fifth season. It will continue the story of the beloved gang of misfits.

Naturally, after season 4 left the gang’s fate up in the air, viewers have been eager to delve into the new season but just how many episodes are there in total?

Season 5 Teaser | Season 5 Teaser | Netflix



Season 5 Teaser | Season 5 Teaser | Netflix






Season5 plot preview and release date

Season 5: Camp Cretaceous of Jurassic World was uploaded to Netflix on Thursday July 21, 2022.

The new season picks up from the season 4 cliffhanger with the gang surrounded and captured by Mantah Corp’s BRAD robots and the company’s president, Daniel Kon – Kenji’s father.

Daniel is initially friendly with the kids and he seems to be the gang’s ticket to finally getting home.

However, his motives are quickly called into question when he threatens friendly Mantah Corp scientist Mae, warning her that if she doesn’t help him, he’ll hurt the kids.

Daniel plans to sell controllable dinosaurs using the control chips Mantah Corp developed on the island. This includes BioSyn, who are the villains in Jurassic World Dominion.

The gang has grown to be sympathetic towards dinosaurs despite nearly being eaten many times. They now oppose the plan and are working to stop Mr Kon.

Kenji has to make a difficult decision after being allowed to reunited with his father.

What are the episodes in Camp Cretaceous season 5, Episodes 5?

Season 5 of Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous has 12 episodes.

Fans of the dinosaur series who are seasoned will notice that season 5 is the longest installment in Camp Cretaceous history.

After the initial eight episodes of seasons 1 and 2, the show has grown to more episodes with seasons 3 and 4. Seasons 4 have a total of 10 and 11 episodes.

Camp Cretaceous season 5 has an average episode length of 24 minutes. That means you can enjoy 288 minutes (4 hours and 48 mins) of dino goodness.

These are the titles for each of the twelve episodes:

  1. Reunited
  2. The Final Test
  3. Battle Lines
  4. Evasive action
  5. Shaky Ground
  6. Out of the Pack
  7. The Leap
  8. Clean Break
  9. The Core
  10. Arrival
  11. The Last Stand
  12. The Nublar Six

Camp Cretaceous to return for season 6 [spoilers]

Unfortunately, Camp Cretaceous fans will not see the series on Netflix in season 6.

When season 5 was announced in April 2022, it was confirmed to be the show’s final instalment.

In a statement EW, showrunner Scott Kreamer said: “In this final season, our Camp Fam will be challenged like never before.

“They will face new threats, dinosaurs and otherwise. Relationships will be tested, bonds will be broken, and in some cases, changed forever. It’s all been leading up to this. Even after everything our heroes have struggled to overcome over the course of the series, the odds against survival have never been greater, the danger has never been more real and the stakes have never been higher.”

Season 5: Camp Cretaceous of Jurassic World is now available for streaming Netflix After release on July 21, 2022.

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