Sketchy Source Says Miranda Lambert’s Husband Supposedly Begging Her To Increase His Allowance

Is it? Miranda Lambert‘s husband getting impatient with her financial habits? One tabloid claims the former police officer isn’T was not satisfied with his compensation. Let’s take a closer look at the bizarre rumor.

Brendan McLoughlin ‘Begs’ Miranda Lambert For Cash?

This week, National Enquirer reports Brendan McLoughlin is strapped for cash, so he’s asking his wife Miranda Lambert to put him on the payroll. McLoughlin quit his NYPD job in 2020 to move in with Lambert in Nashville. But now that McLoughlin isn’t bringing home the bacon, he’s apparently asking his wife to start giving him an allowance. “Brendan doesn’t regret leaving his job with the NYPD,”Insider recipes “But he’s forced to go to Miranda for money if he needs anything—like new socks. It’s especially awkward when it happens in front of friends.”

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Sources report that McLoughlin has been patient throughout this period, spending whatever money Lambert gives him. “He’s mortified asking for money. It’s chipping away at his pride,”The tipster has a good time. “He already does so much for Miranda and happily cleans up after her and cooks for her. Giving him a salary like she does her roadies and band members would make him feel part of the team—and less like an emasculated husband. But she hasn’t said yes or no—and it’s driving him crazy.”

Miranda Lambert Rejecting Husband’s Salary?

Who is this tabloid talking about? This alleged insider seems to know a lot about Brendan McLoughlin’s personal feelings on extremely private matters. If such a person existed, they’d surely be embedded deep in McLoughlin’s circle of trust. And for that reason, we’re confident that this tipster is full of it. This tabloid doesn’t have any spies lurking around the Lambert-McLoughlin household, and it’s just ridiculous to pretend that it does.

Furthermore, we’re willing to bet that money became a bit more free-flowing after Lambert and McLoughlin tied the knot. We’re sure he doesn’t have to beg his wife for sock money, and they probably have a really normal way of divvying out spending cash. Furthermore, we seriously doubt McLoughlin is so prideful that he refuses to take any money from Lambert that he hasn’t earned through traditional labor.

The man is “unemployed” from the police department for two years now and reportedly spends his time as his wife’s security. Are we really supposed to believe that he’s been scraping by on crumbs? This story would never have happened if Lambert were a man and McLoughlin a woman. We don’t have any problem dismissing this sexist story.

An increasing number of common tales

While it’s a newer schtick for the National EnquirerLambert isn’t the first woman to be treated with this kind of treatment. According to the outlet men who are married to older and wealther women should be asking for money. According to the magazine, Madonna was refusing her boyfriend a pay rise around the same time last year. The magazine also claimed that Corey Gamble was asking Kris Jenner for an increase in his allowance. Clearly, this story had nothing to do with Lambert and McLoughlin, and everything to do with the outlet’s own prejudice.

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