Wendy Williams Was Really Subject to a Psychiatric Assessment?

Wendy Williams Was Really Subject to a Psychiatric Assessment?

Along with attempting to recover from a breakthrough COVID-19 diagnosis, Wendy Williams may also be dealing with an issue surrounding her mental health. On September 15, the same day the Instagram account for her show announced that she was ill and would not immediately be returning to work, The Sun reported that a woman at the star’s apartment building who also matches Williams’ description was taken to the hospital after emergency workers received a 911 call for help.

While the NYPD kept the identity of the woman private, a spokesperson did release a statement, saying, “There was a call for a 57-year-old non-violent female who needed psychiatric services at that address on Wednesday morning. They were transported to the hospital.”

Although Williams’ team hasn’t released a statement about the star’s possible connection to the incident or her current status, we’re sure her friends, family, and fans are wishing her well when it comes to whatever she might be facing.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, please contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741, call the National Alliance on Mental Illness helpline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), or visit the National Institute of Mental Health website.

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