Walmart heiress’s £240million superyacht trashed by eco yobs in outrageous stunt after it docks in Ibiza

ECO yobs have trashed a £240million superyacht owned by the Walmart heiress after it docked in Ibiza.

The police arrested the two activists on 16 July after they sprayed paint with adapted fire extinguishers onto the 360 foot yacht.

The two eco yobs sprayed read and black paint on the superyacht while it was docked in Ibiza


Two eco-yobs spray painted the black and white on the superyacht in Ibiza.Credit: @FuturoVegetal/Newsflash
The 360-foot yacht was seen cruising down the Thames earlier this year


A 360-foot yacht has been spotted sailing down the Thames in early this yearAlamy
Deckhands tried to clean off the red and black paint


Deckhands attempted to wash off the red-and-black paintCredit: @FuturoVegetal/Newsflash

The vandalism is captured in shocking video footage. Deckhands are seen trying to wash off the red and black paint from the Kaos vessel’s stern.

They then displayed a sign that read “You Suffer Others Consume” and were approached by security.

The yacht can finally be seen sailing out of the harbour with its stern still badly stained.

It was part of an ongoing series in Europe, where eco activists try to disrupt sporting events by targeting the wealthy and powerful.

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The second video shows two activists holding the sign, demanding change. One activist says: “The Mediterranean Sea… is a cemetery for humans.”

In just this past year, 951 deaths have occurred on our borders.

These people cannot afford to be wealthy [migrants] did not travel here in a private yacht.”

One activist says, “1 percent of world’s population pollutes far more than 50 per cent poor people. They are ruining our planet and endangering our land by living a life that goes beyond what is reasonable.

They are doing this to us in order to maintain their privileges.

The way we are doing things is killing us.

Futuro Vegetal released a statement saying: “We have used biodegradable painting on the Megayacht Kaos, which is owned by Nancy Walton Laurie. She’s the billionaire Walmart heiress.”

It was added that: “We request the transfer of subsidies for the meat sector to environmentally and socially responsible alternatives, based on veggies.”

It also said: “Around 9:00am, two Futuro Vegetal activists sprayed paint using fire extinguishers on the mega-yacht of one of the richest women in the world, to protest against the climate crisis.

“The action puts the finishing touch to the ‘Jets and Yachts, the party is over’ campaign, convened by Extinction Rebellion Ibiza, who demand a ban on private jets and an end to luxury vessels.

The only reason why we maintain an economy that will lead us to an eco-social breakdown is because of the small privileges enjoyed by this small class.

The authors concluded, “We watched in horror this week as Earth’s surface reached a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius at Extremadura. And we had the seven hottest day in over 100,000 years.”

Kaos reportedly costs between £17.17 and £25.76m in maintenance alone every year.

This 4,523-tonne ship was made in The Netherlands in 2017. It was known as ‘Jubilee.

Nancy Walton Laurie refitted it and had the British designer Reymond Lanton redesign it in 2020.

Kaos is a four-deck vessel that can accommodate 31 passengers in 16 cabins, as well as the 45 crew in 24 cabins.

Four VIP suites are available, and most standard suites have bathrooms en suite.

Nancy Walton Laurie, 72, is reportedly worth £6.64billion ($8.7bn), according to Forbes, after inheriting a stake in Walmart from her dad Bud Walton, co-founder of the American chain of hypermarkets.

The first-ever Walmart store opened in July 1962 inArkansasThe heirs collectively own about 50 percent of stock.

The Qatari royal family sold her the Kaos yacht in 2019.

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It was built by Oceanco, the same company which made Jeff Bezos’ £400m superyacht.

The superyacht docked in London after docking on the Thames.

The huge yacht left its moorings still covered in paint


This huge yacht was also still covered with paint on its mooringsCredit: @FuturoVegetal/Newsflash
A policeman was seen speaking to the eco protesters


Eco protesters heard a policeman speaking with themCredit: @FuturoVegetal/Newsflash
Nancy Walton Laurie is worth billions thanks to her family


Nancy Walton Laurie’s family has made her worth billionsCredit: Getty

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