I bought a lockable suitcase from an auction… It was a surprise to see what I found when we opened it.

After buying a sealed suitcase from an estate sale, WOMAN opened the bag and found out what it contained.

The lady, who goes by the online name of “Mrs Fallout,” filmed herself opening the locked trunk and rummaging around.

'Mrs Fallout' bought the locked suitcase from an estate sale


The locked suitcase was purchased at an estate sale by ‘Mrs Fallout.Credit: tiktok/@mrs.fallou
An old photograph was pinned to the inside of the lid


The lid was decorated with an old photo.Credit: tiktok/@mrs.fallou

The TikTok user took to the social media site to post a short clip under the title of: “Opening a mystery locked box from an estate sale.”

The camera shows an image of a black-and-white cub scout photograph pinned inside the lid after opening the box.

She is popular and has an attractive woman. Youtube pageThen, he can be seen searching through the various items that had been stored inside of his suitcase.

She first picks up what appears to be a small brooch, before finding an old pocketwatch with inscriptions stating that it dates from the 1850s.

I bought a locked suitcase from an estate sale - I was stunned by the contents
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She then pulls out a stack of old photographs, with one showing three boys in front of a wooden house, as a caption pops up on the screen saying: “An incredible time capsule.”

In another box inside the trunk Mrs Fallout finds a stack of old boy scout badges along with a World War 1 token which the caption says was made from a “captured German cannon”.

The brief footage comes to an end with the woman saying in the caption: “I didn’t have the heart to separate these items. I left them as a time capsule inside the box to revisit and share with guests.”

Her 418,000 followers have been clearly impressed. The video was viewed 42,000 and liked over 2,700.

Online commentators have praised this amazing discovery.

One person wrote: “Wow, it’s cool!”

Another echoed that sentiment, writing: “Oh wow! That’s awesome.”

A third added: “That is so cool.”

One commentator appeared to know where the items originated from, adding: “This was part of the civilian conservation corps. This camp is out in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, and only operated a few years.”

They added: “1933-41. It was part of Roosevelt’s New Deal which helped people during the great depression.”

It was only a few days ago that another woman called Chandler purchased a sealed suitcase from an estate sale. She was shocked when she discovered what the contents were.

In another TikTok video, a bargain hunter showed how he was able to turn £13 to £213 with a short trip to a car boot sale.

In amongst the odds and ends in the box there appeared to be a brooch


There was a small brooch in the odd bits and pieces of the box.Credit: tiktok/@mrs.fallou
Along with lots of historic items there was a stack of old photographs


There were also a lot of vintage photographs.Credit: tiktok/@mrs.fallou

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