UK Weather Forecast For The Week Full Of torrential rain and gales The Cyclonic Pattern!

The Met Office is predicting that Sunday will be warm for much of the country with temperatures in the mid-20s before the rain and a “cyclonic pattern” hits the UK next week

Brits are set to be lashed with thunderstorms and gales over the next week with temperatures also set to tumble.

The Indian summer of warm weather so far in September is likely to come to an abrupt end after the weekend as autumn hits with a vengeance.

After a warm Saturday, it is again predicted to be a pleasant day on Sunday by the Met Office before the weather turns on Monday.

It will be a case of making the most of the finer weather for the rest of this weekend with the mercury in the mid-20s for parts of the country.

“It will be mostly dry with the odd isolated shower and plenty of sunny spells throughout the day,” a Met Office forecaster said about Sunday.

“Temperatures on Sunday will again be above average for the time of year with a high of 24C in the east.

“The cold front continues to push eastwards tomorrow evening bringing rain across Scotland and western parts of England and Wales.

“The unsettled weather continues into next week. It will start to feel much cooler and fresher with those winds increasing as well.”

Showers will hit on Monday and then a “cyclonic pattern” is set to arrive and will last throughout the rest of September.

“A band of blustery, sometimes intense, showers pass over much of the UK through Monday, bringing a noticeable drop in temperatures for the oncoming week as it passes,” the Met Office forecast states.

“As such, eastern areas are likely to start off warm and fine once patchy mist clears on Monday ahead of this. Breezy winds with the risk of gales for Northern Isles.

“A cyclonic pattern will likely develop from Tuesday and last into October, bringing largely unsettled condition across the UK with a very general northwest to southeast split.

“Showers and long spells of rain towards northern areas with the southeast perhaps seeing drier and sunnier weather.

“However, unsettled weather could still spread south with outbreaks of rain. Temperatures near average but may rise slightly towards the end of this period.”

It means that over the coming days there will be gales and low temperatures.

“Unsettled with rain or showers, some heavy with hail and thunder at times. Windy with gales in places. Temperatures around or slightly below average” was the Met Office prediction for Tuesday to Thursday

Looking further ahead and there is some bright news on the horizon for mid-October for a period of settled weather temperatures are unlikely to be any higher than average for the time of the year.

The Met Office predicts: “Confidence is typically low during this period, but the most likely outcome is for high pressure to dominate in the south, leading to drier and more settled conditions over these areas.

“In the north, lower pressure is likely to prevail, with these areas seeing the wettest weather. However, there is a chance of settled conditions becoming more prevalent across most of the UK for a time. Temperatures are more likely to be around or slightly above average.”

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