TXT and BTS perform Bangtan song lyrics on &Audition.

On this page, TXT and BTS appeared Episode 6This is &Audition to cheer for HYBE Label’s Japan boy group trainees, who are currently getting ready for the BTS mission.

In addition to BTS appearing virtually &AuditionBoys also met TXT Good Boy Gone BadCrooners were even able to dance with the trainess while they sang their song. Blue Hour.

Mission BTS &AuditionEpisode 6

BTS is the acronym for &AuditionsThe participants were divided into two teams at first. EJ Harua Hayate and Jo, Junwon and Nicholas were in Team A. Team B contained Fuma, Gaku and Hikaru as well as Taki, Taki, Minhyung and Yejun.

It was awarded to Team A Film Out Run BTSTeam B won both of their stages, while Team A took home the gold. Black SwanOn stage 2. Both teams practiced BTS choreography in a special mission. Dope.

The contestants had to learn the most difficult K-pop choreographies that are part of BTS discography. However, BTS appeared later on the show to cheer them on.

BTS congratulated the participants for making it so far with really difficult missions like Seventeen’s legendary one and more. As the current round (round 4) is really crucial for the participants – failing which they will not be able to debut – Suga said, “I can’t imagine what you must be feeling ahead of such an important performance, and Hobi adds: “I’m sure you’ll be more nervous and anxious than anyone else.”

RM says then: “We’ll be watching and cheering for you.”

In the next episode, we will reveal the main performance of round 4. Watch BTS’ message for the &AuditionBelow are the boys.

TXT’s advice for &Audition Boys win MOA hearts

TXT met with fifteen participants &AuditionAnswered various questions. Yeonjun said this to the boys: “There’s no need to think I’m the worst or I’m so bad. Just think, you can do it and one day it will become yours. Just take care of your mental state.”

MOA loved Yeonjun’s thoughtfulness. Fan Posted: “I love how txt are so reliable as seniors. The way they understand their emotions and motivates their juniors to focus on mental health before anything else…my best boys.”

A second fan Additional: “TXT are the right group to provide advice to &AUDITION trainees. They debuted through pressure due to the standards that the industry had set them pre-debut, which a lot of criticism and discredits came with it. But that made them work even harder than most rookie groups do.”

Another fan Submitted: “As long as you communicate with sincerity, Taehyun describing txt’s bond is so precious. It’s all about being comfortable, being sincere in a group and txt has always shown us that.”

TXT was also used Blue HourWith the participants. Watch below.

You can watch the entire episode here.

Watch &Audition on HYBE Labels every week on Saturday at 1.30 PM KST/ 12.30 AM ET.

In other news, Seventeen’s Be Central Recorder tour setlist includes mega hits like Hot & Rock With You

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