The new She-Hulk clip includes some mind-blowing spoilers


She-Hulk: Attorney at lawPremieres Disney PlusOn August 18, the film was released one day later than its initial release date. Marvel has been pushing out a steady stream of clips promoting Jennifer Walters’ (Tatiana Maslany) new adventure. But the most recent clip was released by Marvel. She-HulkClip is the most thrilling, because it contains a few mind-blowing revelations, including a spoiler for the larger MCU story.

The clip features a full scene that Marvel wanted MCU fans to watch before the show’s release. This means that Marvel has admitted spoilers and other revelations. Still, if you’re already avoiding She-HulkPromo clips to avoid spoilers Big spoilers are below.

Steve Rogers was a virgin?

Okay, we’ve all been thinking it, but Jennifer finally says it in the She-HulkPromotion IMDB aired. She has a whole theory about Captain America’s life and how he lived it. Jennifer believes Steve is a virgin.

But that’s not the most interesting Rogers-related detail in this She-Hulk clip that’s just over a minute long.

Walters explains the theory to Hulk, Mark Ruffalo. Well, he’s not in Hulk form. He’s Bruce Banner, driving with Jennifer to some unknown destination. But we’ll get to that other big She-HulkSpoilers in a Minute

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Screen starting The Falcon and Winter SoldierTrailer: Samuel Wilson (Anthony Mackie), in front of the Captain America shield. In the background, is a poster featuring Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). Image source: Marvel Studios

All this time, the two do not refer to Steve as if he’s dead. Banner claims Jennifer is speaking about his friend, and colleague. Banner is well aware of the fate of Steve, as he was present at the end. Endgame. Steve’s fate is a closely guarded secret, as we saw in The Falcon and Winter Soldier. But Banner must also know that Steve isn’t dead since those events. Or he hopes that’s the case.

The also include the “colleague”Reference means that the Avengers are very closely together. That’s something we now know thanks to the big reveals at Comic-Con.

Bruce Banner as a human being?

The majority of the She-HulkWe saw clips that showed Professor Hulk. That’s the Hulk variant Banner developed into between Infinity WarAnd Endgame. We also know this from the Shang-ChiBruce can return to his human form after the credits.

Seeing Banner in the same car with Walters implies that we’ll learn when and how Bruce returns to human form.

Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany) having a drink.
Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), and She-Hulk, (Tatiana Maslany), enjoying a drink. Image source: Marvel Studios

Another spoiler is this She-Hulk clip is Banner’s sling. It is still in Banner’s hand, at least in human form. His snap in Infinity WarIt brought back all the dead living beings Thanos killed. This caused a great deal of grief.

Bruce is seen wearing something on his left wrist that’s not apparel. It could be a device to keep him from going back to Professor Hulk. And considering that we’re looking at a big car crash in this sequence, that device might be preventing him from doing his superhero stuff.

It is a major tragedy She-HulkSpoiler

All this talk about Rogers’ virginity makes Walters almost hit a spaceship that appears suddenly on the road. That’s a risk when driving your car on the MCU’s Earth’s roads, apparently.

Walters tries to avoid the ship, and that’s how they crash. Why is this such a huge accident? She-Hulk spoiler? We have no idea what happens next in this scene, but this might be where Walters comes into contact with Bruce’s blood. And that’s how she might transform into She-Hulk.

If that’s what we’re looking at, then the scene must occur early in the TV show. The scene will be shown in the first episode, which airs Thursday on Disney Plus.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law comes to Disney Plus in August.
She-Hulk: Disney Plus brings in an attorney at law, She-Hulk Image source: Marvel Studios

The most important She-Hulk spoiler so far

What’s the deal with the spaceship? Why can’t anyone just go to Earth whenever they want? Where is SWORD’s space program in all of this? What about Tony Stark’s drones from Far from Home?

I won’t call the Sakaar Ship a plot hole until more information is available. However, the clip contains this huge MCU spoiler. She-HulkWe will have to deal with some aliens. This spaceship is known to be from Sakaar. And it’s clearly looking for the only superhero in the car.

The scene must be set in the early hours of the TV series. The ship must have arrived for Sakaar’s only character.

There are rumors that Hulk will go to space by the end of She-Hulk. Skaar’s son would appear on the TV program. However, none of them are evident in the short She-HulkBelow is a clip.

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