Tom Hanks Asked If He Could Photobomb A Bride’s Wedding Day Shoot And It Was Adorable

Tom Hanks Asked If He Could Photobomb A Bride’s Wedding Day Shoot And It Was Adorable

Tom Hanks is not only among the best actors of our time, he’s also a delightful fellow who has shown his charm time and time again. His latest great moment comes during one happy couple’s big wedding day. Hanks and Rita Wilson were walking through Downtown Pittsburgh while a wedding party was taking photos. An adorably surprising moment occurred.

Hanks currently is in Pennsylvania to film the dramedy Otto, the Man Who Called Himself a Man. Grace Gwaltney, the new bride, was in Pittsburgh for her wedding day to shoot photos with Rachel Rowland and her wedding party. They were about getting into a limousine when Tom Hanks approached and asked them to take a photo together with her bridesmaids. Spot Hanks’ inclusion in Gwaltney’s wedding photos in her photographer’s Instagram post:  

In the last picture in a beautiful spread of images from the couple’s big day, Tom Hanks is seen surprising the bride with his presence, her best friends look tickled to see the Toy Story and Cast AwayActor too. I mean, imagine getting married, and then Tom Hanks randomly appears on the scene – the actor must have known that his presence would brighten their day even more. 

Pittsburgh outlet TribLIVE spoke to the wedding photographer Rachel Rowland, who admit she didn’t realize it was the actor until his voice tipped her off. Rowland shared that Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson was with him and also got some photos alongside the bridal party. Rowland added this: 

More stories like this are needed. These stories make people smile. You could see that he loves Rita as much as she loves him. Grace and all of us were so happy to have them around. Once we realized that it was him, we all began to scream. I told myself I would tell him about how important he was and how poignant his movies were, and I just screamed when I met him.

Otto, the Man Who Called Himself a ManTom Hanks will play a retired, grumpy man who takes up an opportunity to make a comeback. “unlikely friendship”His rowdy neighbors. It’s a Remake of the Swedish film from 2015 Ove, the Man Who Calls Himself Ove. The movie is scheduled for release on December 25, 2022. It is listed among the actor’s many upcoming projectsIncludes His role in the ElvisbiopicAnd as Gepetto in Disney’s live-action Pinocchiofilm, all around 2022’s upcoming movies

Maybe playing the grumpy Otto put him in a better mood to do some light wedding crash and that couple will always have a wild story to tell about their special day. Check out these videos while we wait for Tom Hanks’ next film. How we ranked his top moviesHere on CinemaBlend 

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