Ed Sheeran waits for verdict in copyright case “Shape of you”

You can try the copyright of for 11 days. Ed Sheeran’s hit song “Shape of You”It was concluded in London on Tuesday. The judge indicated that he would be taking some time to reflect upon his ruling.

British pop star Snow Patrol’s John McDaid (co-writer) and Steven McCutcheon (producer), denied accusations that the 2017 song was a copy of a 2015 song. “Oh Why”Sami Chokri performs as Sami Switch.

Andrew Sutcliffe is the lawyer representing the “Oh Why”The co-writers claimed that there was an “indisputable similarity between the works”He suggested two songs with a chance of being recorded. “correlate”It was a matter of months before they appeared together. “minutely small.”

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Musician Ed Sheeran arrives at the Rolls Building, High Court, in central London on March 15, 2022.

Beginning 2016Ed Sheeran indicted for song theft in copyright suit

Sheeran, according to the lawyer, had been arrested. “Oh Why” “consciously or unconsciously in his head”When “Shape of You”This was in 2016. He also claimed that Sheeran, who was present throughout the hearing, was dishonest in giving evidence to it.

Sheeran, along with his co-writers, claim that they have disclosed material to trial and don’t recall hearing. “Oh Why”Before the court case.

Justice Antony Zacaroli announced Tuesday that he would deliver the judgment “as soon as I can.”

“Shape of You”The U.K.’s most-sold song in 2017

Ed Sheeran performs during The Brit Awards 2022 on Feb. 08, 2022.

Beginning 2017Copyright lawsuit over Ed Sheeran hit ‘Photograph’ settled

Sheeran is not the first to be accused of copyright infringement.

In June 2016, California songwriters Martin Harrington and Tom Leonard claimed Sheeran’s 2015 hit “Photograph”They were almost identical in pitch and structure to their song “Amazing.”Matt Cardle won the 2010 season of The Voice and recorded Leonard’s song. He released it as a single. “The X Factor.”

“The chorus sections of ‘Amazing’ and the infringing ‘Photograph’ share 39 identical notes — meaning the notes are identical in pitch, rhythmic duration, and placement in the measure,” Harrington and Leonard claimed in their lawsuit at the time.

Although the songwriters originally sought $20 million in damages, the case was dismissed inApril 2017, after a settlement agreement was reached between the parties. Court filings didn’t include the settlement terms.

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Contributing: Nate Rau (The Tennessean, The Associated Press).

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