This Netflix original horror film is giving me Squid Game vibes

It was released last September. Squid GameThe Korean series quickly gained so much attention and was widely shared via word-of mouth worldwide that it became the largest Netflix release ever. So it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise when future horror releases from the streamer — like Choose or Die, a film coming to the platform on April 15 — feel a little reminiscent of the iconic Netflix series from 2021.

As the official NetflixGeeked Twitter Account describes Choose or Die, “For fans of Squid Game and Alice in Borderland, Asa Butterfield and Iola Evans star in a movie about a new kind of deadly game. In pursuit of a cash prize, Kayla and Isaac play a horror game that forces them to make terrifying decisions to survive.”

Choose or Die Netflix horror movie

Toby Meakins was the director of the film, which is part of an extensive April Netflix release slate. Toby Meakins is making his feature directororial debut, we should also add.

You can check out the trailer below. Here it is. Butterfield, who will most likely be familiar to Netflix viewers as part of the cast, is no surprise. He’s also the star of Netflix’s popular Sex Education series.

It feels like a mix of movie and story. Jumanji and Netflix’s Black Mirror: BandersnatchWith a little of Squid Game’sThere are deadly competitions in the mix. “After firing up a lost 80s survival horror game,”Please read the description that is attached to the Choose or DieTrailer on YouTube “a young coder unleashes a hidden curse that tears reality apart, forcing her to make terrifying decisions and face deadly consequences.”

Is there anything scarier on Netflix?

This movie is another example of how Netflix has been able to deliver high-quality horror content over the last year. Perhaps it has something to do with the real-world events we’ve all lived through. Such that it almost feels a little like we’ve been living in a horror movie of our own.

Netflix, which increasingly produces its own editorial content, decided to post its subjective ranking of the most frightening content on the streaming site. Read more about each title here Here it is. The 14 titles that Netflix selected, in no particular order, are:

  1. The Haunting of Hill House
  2. The Fear Street Trilogy
  3. Apostle
  4. Cam
  5. The Exorcist III
  6. Gerald’s Game
  7. Raw
  8. It will follow
  9. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  10. It’s Nighttime
  11. In the Tall Grass
  12. The Ritual
  13. Scream
  14. Midnight Mass

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