This is Your Front Row Seat for Anne Hathaway’s Fashion Renaissance

This is the start of a brand new Ren-Anne-aissance.

That is undisputed. Anne Hathaway has recently revived her style, dressing like the triple threat that she is with fierce, fun and fabulous fashion. And while she’s been turning heads on and off the red carpet since skyrocketing to fame after the 2001 film The Princess Diaries, she’s most certainly having a MomentHer new style is amazing.

“When I was a younger actress, a lot of the things I did were based in fear, wanting to do something right, and now I don’t mind doing things wrong,”She shared her story Vogue in September during New York Fashion Week. “I don’t think I’ll fall apart, and the stakes don’t feel so high.”

She said, “So I’m dressing with a lot more gratitude, and a lot more joy.”

Anne’s go-to stylist, Erin Walsh, explained that Prada is the Devil’s Clothes star’s clothes are evoking an attitude that fans haven’t seen before.

“This is a really cool new chapter,”Erin said Today. “It’s pretty obvious, even fashion-wise, people are very excited about what’s happening with her.”

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