The True Meaning Behind Weeknd’s Sacrifice

The True Meaning Behind Weeknd's Sacrifice

“Sacrifice”Was first heard briefly at end of first single and video “Dawn FM,”Summer 2021: “Take My Breath.”After being asphyxiated by his sexy lover, the Weeknd collapses on a nightclub floor. “Sacrifice”The scene fades and the music plays softly. Now, The new videoAfter a radio introduction by Jim Carrey, a friend of Abel Tesfaye and fellow Canadian, ‘The Beginning’ was released on January 7.

The Weeknd is again seen lying on the dance floor. He catches his breath, and is carried off and chained crucifix-style to a giant wheel as hooded dancers groove around him in some bizarre cult ritual — perhaps foreshadowing His next HBO cable seriesA nightclub leader. He sings. “I sacrificed your love for more of the night … Can’t tie me down.”These lyrics are from Genius, refer to his self-view, sung about on previous albums, including “After Hours,”He expressed his desire to be with as many women as possible, “chained down”You can have one, if you like. The Weeknd continues beating himself up about his toxic approach to romantic relationships (per Pitchfork), such as in the lyric, “Every time you try to fix me / I know you’ll never find that missing piece.”Through the lyrics, he confirms his desire to be by himself. “I don’t wanna sacrifice for your love / I try but I love my time.”

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