The Strange Thing That William And Kate Have In Common With Meghan And Harry

The Strange Thing That William And Kate Have In Common With Meghan And Harry

There’s nothing more familiar than the sound of a rooster crowing in the morning for these famous royal couples. The two royals had some words to say about the animals when they visited Ulster University’s Magee Campus petting zoo on their September trip to Northern Ireland. “We’ve had lots of animals during lockdown,” Kate said, per People. “During lockdown, animals are often like therapy.” William also added the two had even gotten hold of “lots of chickens.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, meanwhile, weren’t shy of showing off their son Archie’s own chicken coop, which is known as “Archie’s Chick Inn.” During a March interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple revealed that they rescued some hens from a farm factory, adding that it was a part of their “down to basics” life. While the chickens are a common thread between the two couples — something they both care about — William and Kate also have a dog and a pet hamster named Marvin. William also shared that his son, Prince George, is “obsessed” with snakes. “He’s going to be so upset he missed this,” He noticed this while visiting the petting zoo. 

We are excited to see the results of their family reunion now that we know what the Sussexes have in common with the Cambridges. It’s not surprising that they have so many things to catch up on. Having chickens in common may just be a good way to begin the conversation.

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