The only catch is that we are paid to reside on our beautiful island.

A COUPLE said that they were “incredibly lucky” because of the money paid for them to live on a private island. But there is a snag.

Emily Campbell, 27 and Daniel Regan 29 said they “felt like dream”, having been given the opportunity to work with them. unique job opportunity Great Blasket Island lies just off the Kerry coast, Ireland.

Emily Campbell and Daniel Regan feel 'incredibly lucky' to be paid to live on their own private island


Emily Campbell and Daniel Regan consider themselves ‘extremely lucky’ that they are paid to live in their private island/greatblasketcaretakers
The picturesque land mass sits just off the Irish coast


A picturesque island just off the Irish CoastCredit: Getty
Daniel and Emily live there as caretakers


Daniel and Emily reside there as caregiversCredit: TikTok/greatblasketcaretakers

The island is devoid of any local shops, and it does not even have mains water or electricity.

The couple is taking time off from their job to care for the region.

Blasket Island has been deserted since the 1950s. Emergency services were unable to reach it in storms.

Emily, who is from West Cork (Ireland), usually works as an infant nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London. Londoner Daniel is a Civil Engineer involved with HS2.

They have now achieved the “pipedream” of spending six months together on an island.

Billy O’Connor, Alice Hayes’ partner and the owners of three cottages on this tiny island and a coffee shop choose each year a group of people to take care for it.

The candidates who are selected usually reside there from April to October.

Daniel told breakingnews.ieGiven the volume of applicants from previous years as well as that Claire de Haas, Brock Montgomery [last year’s caretakers] applied three times before getting the opportunity, we really didn’t expect anything to come of it.

The interview was a great opportunity for us to meet Billy and Alice.

“We had everyone crossing their fingers and toes and Emily’s mum even lit candles and had the rosary beads out.

We applied for the job in January, when it was posted. Our excitement at the possibility of the opportunity helped us to get over the January blues.

Before we even got an interview we started looking for snorkels and radios that wind up!

He continued: “Alice offered us the job via email on a monday morning, and we were so excited that we literally jumped from bed.”

A couple who feels “incredibly lucky” understands there are some drawbacks of island living.

Some of the problems include not having access to a local store where one can purchase what is needed.

Daniel also joked: “We’ll have to improve our forward-thinking when we’re on the Island. We’ll also dearly miss our favourite takeaway ‘Dawat’, a Pakistani restaurant on Tooting high street that we frequent more often than we’d like to admit.”

They are happy about the outcome and they have documented their lives on the island. Social media.

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They added: “We both try to avoid slipping into a ‘destination happiness’ mentality and would prefer to make the most of life now, we’re both conscious of how short life can be.

“We couldn’t turn down this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

There are some drawbacks, including the lack of electricity and running water


The lack of electricity or running water is one drawback.Credit: Getty
Despite that, they say they are loving their time there


Even though they complain, they still enjoy their time in the countryCredit: TikTok/greatblasketcaretakers
They document their experiences on social media


Social media is a great way for people to share their stories.Credit: TikTok/greatblasketcaretakers

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