The CW is astonished by its decision to save the HBO Max series and reveals a new spin-off.

The CW Network has rescued a series about dating after HBO Max dropped it after only two seasons.

The CW is planning to launch a new spin-off titled FGIRL Island.

The CW network has saved dating series FBOY Island after it was dropped by HBO Max


FBOY Isle, a series about dating on the CW network, was saved from being dropped by HBO MaxWarner Media
Nikki Glaser will continue to host the dating series for it's third season on The CW


The CW’s Dating Series will be hosted by Nikki Glaser for its third season./fboyisland

Nikki Glaser will host both shows and they will start filming back to back this summer.

The CW head of unscripted programming Heather Olander said in a statement: “With its innovative and modern twist on the reality dating genre, incredibly talented host Nikki Glaser, and truly unforgettable title, ‘FBOY Island’ on The CW is a perfect match.”

The woman continued to say: “With our partners STXtelevision we are looking forward to the growth of the franchise at The CW, with the gender-flipped spinoff FGIRL Island. And cannot wait for the introduction of the next generation FBoys or FGirls both to the existing fan base as well as a brand new audience.”

Host Glaser said of the news: “I’m so damn excited that my favorite reality TV show is coming back.

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“It’s icing on the cake that I get to host it again. It’s my hope that I will forget all that happened while making the show, so I can enjoy it again when it is broadcast.

“I couldn’t be prouder to have my name on such a hilarious, captivating, and ridiculous show,” the 38-year-old star added.

FBOYIsland’s official Instagram page shared a picture of Glaser with the caption: “FBOYIsland will be moving from Limbro to TheCW this Fall, and a new Season!

The boys should not have all the excitement. The new #FGIRLIsland will premiere on The CW 2024.”

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Not everyone thought FBOY Island on The CW would be the same as what fans had said.

“Will it be more censored now that it’s off HBO,” questioned one fan.

Another said: “I feel like it won’t be the same now.”

Other fans were also thrilled with the news and commented, “Yessss!” I’m so excited about this.”

One said, “Oh HELLYEAH! Our prayers were answered !!!”

A third observer admitted that: “Ha, I like this show much more than I thought I would. Glad it was picked back up.”

The first two seasons of FBOY Island followed three female contestants and a pool of suitors – half of which were “nice guys” and the other half were “f**kboys.”

Each woman had to navigate the dating pool and discover each suitor’s intentions.

Host Nikki said she's 'so damn excited' that the dating show is returning for fans


Nikki the host said she was’so darn excited’ to see that fans will be able to watch the return of The Dating Show
The first two seasons of FBOY Island followed three female contestants and a pool of suitors - some 'nice guys' and some 'f**kboys'


The first two seasons of FBOY Island followed three female contestants and a pool of suitors – some ‘nice guys’ and some ‘f**kboys’HBO Max
The CW confirmed they will also be filming a spin-off series called FGIRL Island


The CW has confirmed that they are also filming a series spin-off called FGIRL islandWarner Media

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