The Big Difference Between A Stroke And An Aneurysm

The Big Difference Between A Stroke And An Aneurysm

Unlike strokes, aneurysms are not limited to the brain, and they are not caused by a lack of blood. Aneurysms of the brain (or aortic) are caused by excessive blood supply to the brain. Another area that could be affected by aneurysms is the heart, behind and in the intestine, as well as the spleen. Aneurysms are when an artery becomes weaker and starts to stretch or widen. Sometimes blood vessels can rupture if they become too stretched. This can cause bleeding in the brain which can lead to stroke. Because aneurysms vary in size, smaller ones may never rupture (via Johns Hopkins Medicine).

The risk of blood leaking into the brain can be fatal, so it is crucial to get immediate medical attention. A burst aneurysm can cause headaches, vision changes, and eye pain. Johns Hopkins Medicine lists some other symptoms, including a stiff neck, severe headaches, nausea, high blood pressure and loss of coordination. Aneurysms are detected by MRI, CT scans, and angiograms after a patient has experienced symptoms, according to Cleveland Clinic.

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