The Best Peloton Instructors For Every Workout Type

Ever since it’s introduction, Peloton users and sales skyrocketed. This indoor-cycling system has given home workouts a whole new definition of sleek. It also created a new definition of health we haven’t known before. There are challenges for riders of every level, and Peloton continues to innovate their brand and find more ways to reach all potential users.

With so many options for Peloton programs and workouts, it can be a little overwhelming to decide where to begin. Which instructor is going to help you reach your fitness goals? Peloton exercises range from bikes, treadmills, yoga, HIIT, outdoor hikes, and many more. No matter you’re preferred workout preference, we’re here to help you find the best Peloton instructor for you.

Best Strength Workouts: Adrian Williams

“Never give up because great things take time.”

Adrian Williams’ positivity and genuine support during his intense full body strength workouts are a favorite of members. A fan favorite is his “Outkast Full Body Strength” class that leaves everyone feeling sweatier and stronger than when class began. He is recognized as a powerhouse instructor that will push you to limits you didn’t know existed.

Best Upper Body Workouts: Ben Alldis

“Work hard in silence, let progress be your noise.”

If you’re looking for a chill class that will still keep you working hard, these upper body workouts are perfect. Ben Alldis uses heavier weights and fewer reps to build strength. However, there are also a wide range of workouts whether your trying to build or tone the upper body.

Best Lower Body Workouts: Selena Samuela  

“Dream it. Believe it. Receive it.”

Selena Samuela pushes the limits to bring out your inner strength that she knows we all have. Her workouts incorporate unilateral work to keep both sides of the body fresh and strong. This can be a great practice if you’re dealing with injuries and looking to create balance in your strength. Samuela has a background in boxing and uses that dogged attitude to bring intensity to members unleashing their potential.

Best Ab Workouts: Emma Lovewell

“I love you, but I’m going to push you.”

Emma Lovewell’s classes are offered in increments—starting at five minutes, all the way up to 20—that will get your core burning. These short circuits are a great fit if you have a busy day or want to get a little extra push in the end of a workout. Her four-week “Crush Your Core” program is great for beginners that are learning to add structure in their workouts, thanks to the modifications she offers. She’s also notorious for incorporating her Pilates and dance background into her program. Her wide variety of ab challenges will leave you feeling stronger in every way possible.

Best Running Workout: Susie Chan

“Don’t be defined by other people’s expectations. Define your own strengths.”

Susie Chan’s highly recognized in the British running community. She now helps runners reach a wide ranges of goals. Whether you’re just starting to get off the couch or training for that marathon you’ve said you always wanted to do, Chan is the instructor for you. She specializes in technique and also promotes members in creating achievable goals for their age or ability.

Best HIIT Workouts: Rebecca Kennedy

“Always do your best, relentlessly.”

Although HIIT is not the main focus of Peloton, there are a few fantastic classes to get your heart pumping. Rebecca Kennedy’s known for incorporating killer burpees into the workouts and isolating muscles we don’t use as much daily to boost overall strength. Her classes promote body awareness in movements that you will definitely feel as you sweat through these intense 30-minute exercises.

Best For Yoga: Anna Greenberg

“Look for balance but always be willing to fall.”

Anna Greenberg is an active teacher and trainer in New York City. Her teaching style helps students understand what they should feel in each move and how they should feel it. This focus is essential in developing self-awareness and power as you are using your body. Healing is the focus of her practice. She guides through connection with music and movement for practitioners to be their best selves.

Best For Pregnancy: Kristin McGee

“Everything you could possibly ever want, have or need is right here inside of you.”

Kristin McGee offers prenatal and postnatal yoga classes to help keep women active at an important time in their lives. Certainly, we know women’s bodies change significantly during this important life transition. These workouts meet the needs of modified movements as your body continues to change. McGee used yoga herself before and after giving birth to three sons

Instructor With Best Music Selection: Denis Morton

“Learn to love the skin you’re in.”

Denis Morton is known for his ever-changing and highly motivating music during his workouts. His music ranges from hip-hop, country, and classic rock. For example, members’ favorite rides include music motivation with Bob Marley, Hall and Oates, The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Weezer, and Beastie Boys. He works to coordinate ride rhythm with musical beats. Jamming to your favorite song while pedaling adds an extra level of entertainment with his classes.

Most Encouraging Instructor: Tunde Oyeneyin

“Embrace the beauty of uncertainty. It’s a place of infinite possibility.”

With a background as a celebrity makeup artist, Tunde Oyeneyin’s own personal transformation opened the door for her to teach others to feel empowered. Members say they’re inspired by her openness and relatability. She gives the feeling she’s riding right next to you and pushes you to achieve goals she knows you are capable of. These classes will leave you in a pile of sweat but also with an immense amount of gratification for the work your body completed.

Most Challenging Instructor: Olivia Amato

“Decide what you want to accomplish, and I will help you conquer it.”

If you love feeling completed gassed after a workout but also motivated to keep pushing and reaching your goals, then Olivia Amato is the instructor for you. Even though she will have you working hard, she will also be your biggest cheerleader along the way. Inspiration and motivation are her keys to success.

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