The airports where passenger aircrafts fly very low to land are some of the most spectacular.


PLANE-SPOTTING may not be the most exciting of hobbies, but it is possible to do so in some locations around the globe.

After footage went viral this week of a plane coming in to land very low in Skiathos, we looked at some airports where planes fly narrowly overhead before hitting the tarmac.

Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport

A Wizz Air flight skimmed low above the heads of people in Skiathos


Skiathos: A Wizz Air flight skimmed just above the heads of Skiathos citizensCredit: getty

Greek islanders and holidaymakers who had gathered on the beach to watch jets got a scare when a Wizz Air flight came in to land on Skiathos.

As it made its descent into the airport, the aircraft almost missed the beachgoers.

Skiathos Airport is a small island with a very short runway. Pilots are required to approach at a lower level than for long runways.

It is the perfect spot for plane watchers, as they can get a close-up view of the jets.

International Airport St Maarten Princess Juliana

St Maarten in the Caribbean has one of the world's most terrifying approaches for pilots


One of the most frightening approaches for pilots in St Maarten, Caribbean is one of the most frightening.Credit to Alamy

The Dutch Caribbean island is home to one of the most terrifying approaches for pilots in the world.

It was so common that people were blasted with the engines of landing jumbo planes.

But, 2016 saw the end of larger planes and the introduction of smaller planes that carry nearly half as many passengers. The hair-raising scenes where Boeing 747s swam the beach before landing are now a thing of the passé.

Phuket International Airport

Phuket airport is popular among plane spotters for its photo opportunities


The photo opportunities at Phuket airport are very popular with plane spotters.Credit: Getty Images – Contributor

Many tourists flock to Mai Khao beach, Thailand, because of the stunning selfies.

Thanks to low-flying planes landing at Phuket Airport, the beach has been popular over the years.

A busy airport with more than 100,000 flights per annum is also very popular among plane spotters because of its photo opportunities.

Lanzarote Arrecife airport

Lanzarote airport is right next to the sea in the Canary Islands


Airport Lanzarote is just next to the Canary Islands Sea.Credit: Getty Images – Contributor

Similar to Phuket, St Maarten, and Skiathos planes must fly low over Lanzarote’s beach before landing at the airport. It is located right next to the beach.

Canary Islands airport is a popular destination for aviation enthusiasts. The runway is slightly longer than others so there are rare scenes of planes flying narrowly over people.

These airports boast some of the most stunning landing views in the entire world.

Amazing footage shows planes landing in the Himalayan airport of Lukla.


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