Tech expert warns that WhatsApp privacy features must be turned on NOW in order to protect your texts

A TIKTOK tech guru has urged WhatsApp users to protect their messages from snoopers.

User @adriana_sun has posted a video.letsdodizShowed how to lock conversations using the app with facial recognition and fingerprint scanning on iPhone.

TikTok user @letsdodiz shares handy tech tips with his followers


@letsdodiz is a TikTok user who shares tech tips with his Twitter followersCredit: TikTok

Your chats will be protected even when your iPhone’s lock is off.

You can do this by going to your WhatsApp settings and opening the app.

Tap Account > Privacy > Screen Lock. Here you can toggle between Touch ID or Face ID.

You will also be able choose how long you wish to go before your biometric identification is required again.

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You will now be asked for your printouts or a scan to your face whenever you open WhatsApp to access your chats.

This means that if you give your phone to someone, you can be certain they won’t spy on your conversations.

It is possible to still read and quickly reply to messages within your device’s notification windows, but it isn’t foolproof.

To lock down your iPhone, disable all message previews within your device settings.

The model of iPhone that you have will determine whether or not you can lock your chats behind Touch ID and Face ID.

Face ID is now available on all iPhone X models after 2017. Those that were before 2017 use Touch ID.

Letsdodiz also demonstrated to his 2million TikTok users how to hide their WhatsApp “last seen” status.

“Last seen”This is the timestamp that appears in your WhatsApp profile and chats to indicate when you last opened the app.

You can hide it in your WhatsApp settings to make sure that no one sees what you are texting.

You can choose whether the last seen was visible to everyone, my contacts or nobody.

Selecting Nobody will mean that your last seen is hidden from the rest of the world, but you can’t see any other timestamps.

WhatsApp used to default to Everyone. It has been changed to My Contacts.

You can change it by opening the WhatsApp app. Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen.

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Tech expert warns that WhatsApp privacy features must be turned on NOW in order to protect your texts

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