Dwayne and Kevin Hart Slap One Another With Tortillas During A TikTok Challenge

Dwayne and Kevin Hart Slap One Another With Tortillas During A TikTok Challenge

Dwayne and Kevin Hart are back at it, this time with tortillas. This dynamic duo has enjoyed a significant success. History of ripping on each otherIn the most hilarious ways. Well, there’s nothing like keeping their growing partnership intact like slapping each other with tortillas in a new TikTok challenge. 

Here’s a fun way to promote Working together DC League of Super-Pets: participate in a TikTok challenge so funny that you can’t hold your water. It started out as a harmless joke on TikTok, but it has since become a huge trend that everyone is doing it. Central Intelligence duo. Two people will be challenged to play rock, paper and scissors while holding a tortilla in each hand and drinking water in their mouths. The winner gets smacked with the tortilla. Both laughing participants have to stop themselves accidentally spitting out liquid. The Rock posted a hilarious Insta videoBelow is Hart and him participating in the viral challenge.

The game is on. Johnson and Hart are seen first getting into it for the video. “right way”Holding their tortilla knife. Then with water in both their mouths, rock, paper, scissors followed Hart choosing paper and The Rock choosing…well, rock, of course. After the FatherhoodThe round was won by actor who jumped for joy when he saw the opportunity to hit his star child with a tortilla. The Rock laughed, but not without laughing. While still with water in his mouth, here was The Rock’s reaction with a straight face:

You made me feel like a shithole! I’m coming for you.

In round two of rock, paper, scissors, it was Kevin Hart’s turn to choose rock and Dwayne Johnson picked scissors. Johnson got slapped on the face with a tortilla. Hart was the one to slap his. Jumanjico-star, but a completely different twist of events took place, when his laughter caused him to drink too much. That’s the end of it. MoanaWho is the star? The Philadelphia native showed that he was a good friend by letting his vengeful pal slap him with tortillas, regardless of the result. These two are so in love! Keep making movies together.

This may have been the first time Kevin Hart has slapped Dwayne Johnson with a tortilla, but not the first time that he’s roasted his favorite co-star in other ways. He’s thrown The Rock has some of the most hilarious shadesHis past wrestling skills as well as his idea of him His mother buys a house “a billion dollars later.” Not to mention all of the times Hart’s made fun of Johnson’s action movies

The California native, however, has had his roasting moments. Fast & FuriousCo-stars are also possible, as he did when he He was pranked on the set of JumanjiWith a fake spider He was destroyed by his funny impressionsHe is a great man. So, it’s hard to tell who wins in the Hart vs. Johnson roasting competition. At this point, though, it’s not important. These two should continue to team up in the action-comedy films they have enjoyed for years.

Watch Dwayne Johnson & Kevin Hart as animated dogs, on a mission for their Justice League owners to rescue their kidnapped Justice League owners. DC League of Super-Pets In theaters July 29th, and on your HBO Max subscription45 days later.

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