Taylor Swift Ticketmaster fiasco has turned fans into anti-capitalist revolutionaries

Never underestimate Taylor Swift fans’ power.

Swifties who missed Swift’s Eras Tour tickets are now coming together online to criticize Ticketmaster, Swift and Swift after chaos ensued during presale – and possibly even inspire political change.

Swift fans on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok are asking Swift and Ticketmaster for help to correct the situation that made it almost impossible for Eras Tour ticket buyers to purchase tickets.

Swift has been criticized by some for allowing capitalism to take over her.

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“So many rich and powerful people are deeply invested in Taylor bringing in as much money as possible, including Taylor, and this time there was no hiding it,” A TikToker wrote.

“Urging fans to buy a million different versions of the same album, nonstop merch, dynamic pricing for concert tix, it all truly seems irresponsible at this point.”

Others, including Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York (D-NY), criticized Ticketmaster’s merger with Live Nation Entertainment Company and Event Promoter Ticketmaster.

Swift’s tour official ticker seller, ticketmaster, offered presale via their Verified Fan program.

Only fans determined to be real fans were allowed access. Not bots.

Only 1.5 million of the 3.5 Million people who signed up to Ticketmaster’s Verified Fans program were granted tickets. However, high demand and technical difficulties led to a delay.

Tickets for Eras Tour were sold on third-party ticket resale websites after the Tuesday presale. They sell for tens to thousands of dollars.

Ticketmaster ended the Swift ticket public sale Friday.

“Me wondering why, with all her clout and power Swifty didn’t choose to use a ticket broker that is not a monopoly, and that does not add fees up the ying-yang,” One Twitter user wrote.

“If she wanted to make sure that fans got tickets first there would have been some sort of verification process outside of spending money on her previously,” A TikToker stated.

“Capitalism (Taylors Version),” TikTok was created by a person

Swifties used the internet to bring up the subject, prompting the Tennessee attorney general to launch an investigation into consumer protection laws.

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