My sister-in-law wore a white gown to my wedding – that wasn’t even the worst thing she did

A BRIDE says her sister-in-law wore a white gown to her wedding and that wasn’t even the worst thing she did.

A friend of the bride shared the horror story on Reddit, revealing that the woman’s husband’s sister committed the ultimate wedding sin by wearing the dress.

A groom's sister showed up to his wedding in a floor-length white gown after she was uninvited


After being uninvited, a bride’s sister arrived at his wedding wearing a floor-length white dress.
The snub happened after the brother and sister got into a fight over what she wanted to wear


The sister and her brother were in a heated argument about what she wanted to wear.Credit: Getty

Before the wedding, the bride said her husband had shot down his sister’s first pick for the dress she wanted to wear on the special day.

The friend said that the sister was furious and threatened to sue her. “never speak to her brother again”If he did not go through with the wedding.

The threat was reportedly ignored by the groom, who is believed to have removed his sister from the nuptials.

Not only did she turn up without being invited, but she also wore a floor-length ivory gown that could have been mistaken for a wedding gown.

Reddit users who saw this photo mistakenly believed that the shimmering gown was actually a wedding gown.

“I thought the bride was the one in the middle, and that she was upset because the sister wore black. Then I finished reading…”One user wrote and many others shared their similar reactions.

The family friend stated that the situation has gotten worse as more drama is being posted on Facebook.

“Plot twist, the sister had separately posted a TikTok where she was claiming the bride was toxic and jealous, admitted to wedding crashing, mentioned how she had the last dance with the groom, and said she gives the marriage five years top,”The comment was made by the author.

“The bride is understandably very upset about what happened and posted something a few days ago about how she was disappointed that someone would act this way but didn’t add any identifying info or name drop,”Further explanations were given by the individual.

Reddit users were even more shocked when they learned of this information.

“So the sister wanted to marry her brother.

The obsessively jealous behavior can’t be explained in any other way. She seems like a jilted ex,” one user wrote.

“This is jealous ex-girlfriend behavior.

“Absolutely wild that his sister would act like this,”Add another person.

The groom’s handling of the situation has not been updated.

The bride was saddened by the situation


The situation was so heartbreaking for the bride.Credit: Getty Images – Contributor
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