Taylor Kinney of Chicago Fire was not stranger to real fires

Taylor Kinney of Chicago Fire was not stranger to real fires

As per the United States Fire AdministrationOver a period of nine years, from 2012 to 2020, there were several trends in the United States when it comes to fires. The group notes that there were “5% fewer fires and “7% fewer injuries” during this time period. Unfortunately, there were some upward trends as well, with an “8% increase” in fire-related deaths and an “11% increase” in the cost of overall fire damage. There are both positive and negative statistics in this list. It reveals 353,500 total fires, 2,840 fatalities, 11,400 injured, and nearly nine billion dollars of damages. Taylor Kinney probably has a personal story of fire that explains his fervent stance on fire safety.

Kinney is an excellent actor and it’s a huge boost to him to know that he truly knows what it feels like to be in a burning house, especially when Severide will often run head-first towards danger. Kinney’s charisma and familiarity helped him land the role in “Chicago Fire.” “Chicago Fire” is a great show. NBCKinney explained that he felt relaxed during the audition. Kinney explained, “I auditioned a lot and was good at it. I can’t recall ever having felt any kind of anxiety. It was exciting, but you leave the decision to those in charge. “It went very well and I am still bugging your TVs as you do laundry 10 years after it happened.” Kinney’s experience in real life with fire makes for an intriguing fact that one should know the next time Severide faces an inferno.

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