Survivor 41 Finalist Xander Hastings’s Views on Dating After His Stint On the Show

Survivor 41 Finalist Xander Hastings's Views on Dating After His Stint On the Show

Despite not receiving any jury votes, Xander hastings was given lots of love by his fans Survivor 41 fans. He was the underdog with a major power in the game, (even amid all of the changes) and liked to play with his heart on his sleeve – perhaps too much. But, viewers were still lusting over the 21-year-old throughout the season via social media. Recently, the finalist spoke out about this fact and expressed his feelings regarding dating after his stint on the show.

Xander Hastings’ fan adoration was, in truth, giving Survivor Joey Amazing vibes. (Hastings has the exact same hair. When discussing the magnitude of it on Brice Izyah’s Survivor News podcastThe conversation naturally turned to the Survivor 41 finalist’s dating life. He confirmed that he was indeed single but was more general about what he’s looking for, saying:

I guess I can say that I am open to mixing with others. I’m never a doors-closed kind of guy. It could come anywhere at any time, so I keep my eyes and ears open for anything that might happen. Let’s see what the universe has in store for us… It’s all about feeling. It doesn’t matter if we don’t click. I don’t have any. It can come from any place. It’s like feeling it.

We know that Xander Hattings is a bit of a type, even if it’s castmates who tried blindside him. Survivor 41. In a Scene deletedIn fact, he admitted that he had been in a crush with Liana Wallace from Yase tribe during the entire show. Wallace later addressed the issue in a postgame interview. Entertainment WeeklyHastings was a “sweetheart.”

If he would choose to date one of his legions Survivor 41Fans loved to watch him play. Xander Hastings stated that he had never considered it but would. “rule out”The host asked the prospect everything. Hastings asked him if he replies to DMs. “hard”task towards the end, as most messages would complain that the message was not accurate. “robbed”Erika Casupanan. One fan even set up a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to correct the perceived injustice against him. However, the Florida native admitted that he was not ashamed to admit that he had been hurt. “can’t respond”To receive messages of these types

His adoring fans also include the LGBTQ community who affectionately refers to him as “Queens” “Xaddy.”The Survivor 41 contestant said he “totally”All the love is his. He noted that Ricard Foye and he would have no problem getting the love he deserves. “warmth going”On cold nights on the Island. This fan favorite continued that the idea “showing homophobia”Was “so foreign”To him, he added:

I think [Xaddy]It is so much fun. It is a great game to play. It’s so much fun to have the community get involved. We have another 20 years. Let’s just keep it going…I think it’s because I like really firmly believe that, if you’re comfortable in your sexuality, it shouldn’t matter what someone else’s sexuality is. They can be your comfort zone.

The most popular player in the game is the one who has the highest sales. Survivor 41She is ready to again try for the million-dollar prize. But in the interim, Xander Hastings’ DMs are open to the interested girls, guys, and thems out there.

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