Survivor 41 Contestant explains why the former Yase Tribe did not stick together

Survivor 41 Contestant explains why the former Yase Tribe did not stick together

Spoiler alert Survivor 41!

The Yase tribe was in for a tough start to the new century. Survivor 41. They soon fell behind in challenges, and were whittled down quickly to a group of four: Xander Hastings, Tiffany Seely Liana Wallace, Evvie Jagoda and Tiffany Seely. After establishing ties with other players, they were able to play in the middle. But, instead, the self-proclaimed “underdog sea turtles”The alliance collapsed. What was the real story? One of the four core members who recently fell explains why they didn’t stick together.

Liana Wallace, a bonkers tribal council member post-merge, jumped ship to begin. Survivor “Cookout”Alliance, which forced the Yase remaining in the race to form a team with Sydney Segal. Sydney Segal was their first victim and has some pretty snarky comments about it. Tiffany Seely was next, and Evvie Jagoda followed her on the jury. Jagoda believes that the true fracture was thanks to her wild strategy to confess to Deshawn Radden about Xander Hastings’ hidden immunity idol. (And I agree. But she’s still surprised how it went down. She stated that she was “surprised” by the outcome. Entertainment Weekly:

It was also very shocking to me that Yase imploded immediately after that. Because we came back from [the post-merge]It was all about Tribal. Tiffany gives Xander the idol back. Xander obviously was upset that I shared it with him, but we discussed it and I was like: ‘Listen, that was day 4. We didn’t know how close we were going to end up being.’Xander is a true gamer. Although I doubt he took it personally he was cautious.

After that, Evvie Jagoda claims that Xander Hastings was the one to officially break Yase’s ranks. The ousted Survivor 41Player reveals Hastings has made a decision to “totally ditch” them. He refused to talk with Jagoda, Tiffany Seeley, and they couldn’t present a united, strong front to others for them to work with.

But let’s rewind back to Liana Wallace, who was the actual impetus for Yase’s problems. Evvie Jagoda explained that Wallace was created after the Yase original tribe failed to vote for Xander Hastings on Day 5. “obsessed”And “really regretted”It was a good decision. Wallace viewed Hastings as an a “Joey Amazing”-type player that needed to go, hence her big move at the merge to turn on Yase and try to get Hastings’ idol.

Evidently, the truth is that what was not shown on wasn’t shown. Survivor 41 was that Evvie Jagoda had more information on Liana Wallace’s Knowledge is Power advantage than anyone else, or so she says. Surprisingly, Jagoda also apparently had unaired conversations with Shan Smith about the all-girls alliance that began on Yase. This strategy was also ruined by several other factors. Jagoda stated,

The merger was insane. You have men and women, there’s the Black alliance, Luvu versus Yase. There was so much going on and everything seemed so fluid and messy. It was like Yase against all the rest when that hourglass twist arrived. It was kind of sad, but they actually showed Deshawn coming up to me on the morning. Shan and Liana also had a conversation with them and were like, ‘Let’s do the women’s thing again. We don’t want to go to the end with Deshawn and Danny. Let’s get this back together.’And it was as if, ‘Hell yeah!’It was certainly always there.

Now, ThatThis statement is quite interesting. The teaser for the next episode of Survivor 41Deshawn Radden may be planning to make a move against Shan Smith. Smith will likely retaliate. Evvie Jagoda implies that Smith has been planning her move against Radden for a while. Call me crazy but I am betting that Smith will win the next war.

Xander Hastings is the only Yase player left. He still has his immunity idol. So he at least has one more week left – if he doesn’t go on an immunity challenge run like Joey Amazing himself, just as Liana Wallace fears. Tune into to find out more Survivor 41On Wednesdays, CBS at 8 p.m. ET!

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