Son Pays Tribute To His SELFLESS Mom Who Died in a Tragic Highway Accident

Tributes pour in for Lisa Gardiner, 44-year-old mother-of-2 who was tragically killed in an accident, involving three cars, in August. A fundraiser is now being launched to help her sons.

Lisa Gardiner, a ‘selfless’ mother, tragically died in a crash involving three vehicles at the end of August(Image: Lucas Gardiner)

The tragic death of a mother in a three-vehicle accident has been remembered as an “amazing” story. “selfless” person who taught her sons “all about being a good person”.

Lisa Gardiner, 44, was killed in the collision between a minibus (a lorry) and a car along the M25 on August 23, 2013.

The mother, Walthamstow, died on August 27, after she was admitted to the hospital with severe brain injury.

Ms. Gardiner is leaving behind her two children “heartbroken” Lucas, 21 years old, and Jude, 16 years old are the sons of Lucas.

Police arrested the driver of the lorry involved in the accident, on suspicion of dangerous driving and causing death. My London reports

To help pay for funeral costs or to honor the deceased, a GoFundMe page was created. “selfless” A stay-at-home mom who taught her kids to be a good mother. “caring towards others.”

Lucas, the son of his mother, has remained focused on his love for skateboarding while he deals with his mom’s passing.

“I was with her when they pronounced her dead,” Lucas said.

“She was a very selfless person, she taught me a lot about just being caring towards others.”

“Money wasn’t important to her, it was all about being a good person.”

“That’s how I’m trying to live my life now a bit more, trying to be a better person to people rather than making money and owning a house and all that.”

“It’s changed the way I look at the world a bit.”

After he stated that doctors had given him hope that his mother would survive, Lucas prayed for her recovery.

The 21-year-old said: “When my mum was in the hospital the doctors said there is that tiny percentage of a chance that she could survive.”

Ms. Gardiner also leaves behind her younger son Jude (16), who is still pursuing kickboxing.

Lisa died tragically five days after she was admitted to the hospital with severe brain damage.

“I’m not a religious man but my mum – she’s not religious but she ‘had faith’ is what she used to say.”

“I was praying a lot, I was doing a lot of praying and that was keeping me strong.”

“Knowing that there was a small chance she could pull through, but once they said she had passed, it broke my heart”.

Since the loss of his mother, Lucas has focused on the sport that she “always” supported him with since he was three years old.

“It helps me. It takes my mind off things. That’s how I imagine her connecting with me.”

Lucas said his younger brother, Jude, 16, is focusing on his passion for boxing to deal with the pain of their loss.

The skateboarder said: “It’s the same way I skate and my mum was very supportive of that, so he’s been boxing a lot more now.”

Lucas met fellow skateboarders as part of a community. He now considers them his family and a brother.

Aaron, known as Aggro Skates, set up a GoFundMe page for the bereaved family after only having physically met Lucas days before his mother’s passing.

After chatting on social media for nearly a year about their passion for skating, they finally met in person at a skatepark.

A TV news report reveals that a man is horrified to learn that his granddaughter and daughter were killed in a car crash.

Lucas said: “He [Aaron] followed me for a few years or whatever, and he just popped up to me one day and said come up to Kettering and have a little skate with us.

“That’s what skateboarding is, it’s a whole family, you have that connection and you’re instantly friends almost.”

Lucas is grateful for the kindness of strangers. He hopes that his mother’s funeral will be fitting when he has all the paperwork completed by the police.

“I feel loved by strangers because a lot of people that donated money, I’ve not met them,” he said.

“I only ever met them once, or saw them at the skate park but don’t really talk to them so to have these people donate is just unreal, it’s a beautiful thing.

“[My mum] was selfless, now everyone is being selfless for her”.

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