Fans Go Amock With The Cuteness Of Mykelti Padron’s 5-Year-Old Daughter

New parents love to document every cute moment of their baby’s life. Mykelti Padron’s five-month-old daughter Avalon is no exception. She loves to share updates about Avalon as she grows and develops. Fans have been following Mykelti since 2010.

They eat every minute of it. But babies can be unpredictable and silly, so it is possible for moments that you wish to capture to go wrong.

Fans Go Amock With The Cuteness Of Mykelti Padron's 5-Year-Old Daughter

Mykelti’s announcement that Tony and she were having a child was huge. Up until that point, Janelle’s daughter, Maddie had been the only one to give the family grandchildren. She was also the first to get married in June 2016  to Caleb Brush. Their first child, Axel, was born in May 2016 to the couple. Maddie gave birth in August 2019 to Evie K.

She became the apple of her grandpa’s eye as she was diagnosed with FATCO and would need surgery by the age of one. But, both Brush children were full of light and happiness. Mykelti Brown was the second Brown woman to get married.

Tony and Maddie were married six months later than Tony, but they waited until 2020 before announcing that they were expecting a child.

From the moment they got married, the couple couldn’t wait to grow their family. The timing was perfect, and they shared the moment to the world. Mykelti’s mom, Christine was there for Avalon Asa’a April arrival and everyone immediately fell in love.

One of Avalon’s favorite things is to play with her little monkey so Mykelti wanted to show this to the world. Did Avalon want to do it? If you have a problem with your car, bring it in immediately to have it checked out. You can’t film a baby doing anything adorable.

They either stop or rebel. Baby Avalon is an example of this. Mykelti shared her Instagram stories with the world to show Avalon how much she loves her stuffed monkey earlier today. She may eat all of the monkey’s face, according to reports.


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Avalon is clearly unhappy with mama’s attempts to film and decides to just lie down. Mykelti jokes that Avalon is grateful for their large (baby buffer), pillow. She tries to explain the purpose of the video is to showcase Avalon’s obsession with eating her monkey’s face. Despite being stubborn, mama says that the baby is adorable so it is acceptable.

She sounds a lot like her grandpa Kody. She is more like she knows what she wants, and when she wants it. She is a fierce little adorable firecracker and Myketli’s followers love watching Avalon grow and progress. There will hopefully be more of the Padrons.

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