Bruce and Donna Sudano’s Daughter Amanda Finds Her Own Way In The Music Industry

Amanda Sudano’s parents, Donna Summer and Bruce Sudano were musical prodigies in more ways than one, words that can be used to describe Amanda and her husband now. Donna Summer, the disco era’s kingpin in the 1970s, was named the “The Best of the Disco Era”.

She met Bruce Sudano on March 13, 1977, and started writing songs together with his band The Brooklyn Dreams. Summer and Bruce continued writing songs after The Brooklyn Dreams’ disbandment in 1980. They later got married.

Bruce and Donna Sudano's Daughter Amanda Finds Her Own Way In The Music Industry

Bruce, Summer’s first husband, became the stepfather to Mimi, Summer’s daughter from their first marriage. In 1981 and 1982, the couple had two daughters, Brooklyn Grace and Amanda Grace.

Summer passed away from lung cancer on May 17, 2012, leaving behind her husband, children, and a lasting legacy. Amanda, Summer’s lastborn daughter took the lead from Bruce by entering music.

This isn’t the end of it. Amanda’s husband Abner Ramirez (like her parents) is also a musician. Together, they make Johnnyswim.

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During an appearance on the “Motherly”, Amanda shared her story with us about meeting her husband. She shared that she and her husband went to Nashville College.

Ramirez caught her eye in a crowded area and she immediately thought that he could be her younger brother. She shared a photo last month of her with her children, showing them on a Paris trip. The proud mom and her three children were seen at the Eiffel tower in the photo.

The first picture featured Amanda cuddling Paloma. While the second photo was of her trying to care for all of her children at once, it showed Amanda. The caption of the post states that she wrote: “This first pic is of my daughter having a tantrum in Paris. Normally she has them at home, but this week we’re lucky enough to experience them someplace magical and gorgeous…”

Amanda described the second image as a Renaissance painting. “Everyone Wants Mom at the Same Time.”She advised her followers that they travel with their children if possible.  While traveling with children is not always easy, the musician said she believes that they will want to continue their travels with her once they’re older.

In July, Amanda shared a picture of her and Ramirez posing with their three kids and a video showing Joaquin trying to lay his bed while his dad watched. Amanda and Ramirez enjoy more than parenting their children. They also love to play music together. She often posts photos of their many performances on social media.


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Chip and Joanna Gaines, home-improvement couple Chip and Joanna Gaines, are close friends of Amanda Ramirez and Ramirez. Chip and Joanna shared the news that Amanda and Ramirez would appear in Magnolia Network’s first series in October 2019. “Home on the Road.”

The series follows the couple on their North American tour with their children. In a chat with People, Ramirez and Amanda opened out about the experience of filming the series. They revealed that it was one the most difficult things they’ve ever done.

They said that they wouldn’t trade their experience for anything, but they are grateful to Chip and Joanna for sharing their story. Amanda, along with her beautiful family and extraordinary musical career, has taken after her parents. Without their support, Amanda would not have made it to them.

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