Some people call me brave for wearing revealing clothing to annoy Karens.

A WOMAN revealed she purposely wears “revealing outfits” when walking around.

Her goal? Her goal?

Klaudia, a content creator, joked that she deliberately walked around in 'revealing' outfits to annoy Karens


Klaudia a content producer joked she deliberately dressed in “revealing” outfits so as to annoy KarensCredit: TikTok/wavyute

Klaudia (@wavyute( shared this outfit video with more than 300,000 TikTok fans.

As she recorded herself, the content creator was wearing a matching green skirt and shrug that had a chest cutout.

Karen said: “I am walking around in my very revealing outfit, to make all of the Karens mad.”

She said she couldn’t do anything about being judged, so she should embrace the situation: “Haters will hate,” she declared.

Commenters shared their opinions in the comments.

One commenter commended her on her courage.

Some people thought it was unnecessary to consider what the critics thought. “U look great in that anyway, let them hate,” another said.

As you would expect,” replied a third.

Some of her fans joked they wanted to also be annoyed.

A joker said, “Show me we’re also annoyed.”

“You are absolutely gorgeoussssssssssss,” said another.

People said her mission was 'brave'


Many people called her brave for what she didCredit: TikTok/wavyute

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