Smurf Blue Cat Vs Strawberry Elephant Vs Pineapple Owl Meme dividing TikTok explained

Smurf Blue Cat Vs Strawberry Elephant Vs Pineapple Owl Meme dividing TikTok explained

TikTok is buzzing with the unique memes of mid-2023 featuring colorful fruits and animals, but let us explain to you the latest fad taking over the platform as users pick their favorites among – Smurf Blue Cat vs Strawberry Elephant vs Pineapple Owl.

TikTok’s popularity is credited with bringing to the forefront trends and challenges not found in other social media platforms. It isn’t surprising that people are invested in finding out the meaning and origin of the Blue Cat with a mushroom head, a strawberry shaped like an elephant, and a pineapple that turns into an owl as the viral animations are met with a variety of reactions with people debating over which one of them is the best.

Smurf Blue Cat Vs Strawberry Elephant: Meme explained

Smurf blue cat meme shows an animated picture of a blue colored cat walking through the forest with a stick attached with a snail on its end.

The meme is also known as Blue Mushroom cat. The first ever created by an artist named Nate Hallinan in 2014 and it’s made a comeback in 2023 after it was re-shared by other TikTok users.

While the meme around the Smurf Cat doesn’t trace its roots back to a specific incident or event, it appears to be adored for its rather unique appearance and attire. Others have colored the image differently to make their version.

The Arabic Strawberry Elephant is a similar meme that shows an animated elephant walking in a field, resembling strawberries. The viral image was reportedly part of a Photoshop contest in the early 2020s and was circulated with the Arabic phrase “strawberry morning.”

A new song and a not-soold meme posted on TikTok yesterday have been watched over 1 million time.

Pineapple Owl, a brand new trend for 2023

Pineapple Owl, the latest TikTok meme to join the Blue Mushroom Cat & Strawberry Elephant memes is now available.

Pineapple Owl is a meme that shows an animated picture of a pineapple and an owl. So it appears as if an owl’s face and wings are morphed into a pineapple, creating a unique combination of the fruit and the bird.

While each meme goes with a different song, the Smurf Blue Cat is trending specifically for featuring the lyrics of the song The Specter by Alan Walker as you can hear the lyrics “We live. We love. We lie.” play in the background.

TikTok’s users will choose their favourite character by 2023

TikTok users couldn’t stop arguing about the above memes as they picked their favorite. Some think nothing can beat the OG Blue Mushroom Cat, while others believe it’s Pineapple Owl stealing the show in 2023.

One user wrote: “Nobody is better than the OG. Smurf Blue Cat for life.”

“First blueberry cat then smurf cat then strawberry elephant then pineapple owl,” said another.

A third one said, “Pineapple Owl in the. But Strawberry Elephant > Blue Cat.”

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