Sid Krofft Reminisces and Looks Forward In The 75th Instagram Live

Sid Krofft has achieved many milestones over his long career. He was the opening act of Judy Garland and Liberace, and he also had his own theme park.

He was also the brain behind the TV and movies with his brother Marty. H.R. Pufnstuf Land of the Lost, Sigmund and the Sea Monster SideshowAnd Middle Age Crazy.The majority of them were so bizarre that they were even accused of being drug-inspirers.

Krofft will be 92 years old in October and have been in the showbiz for 82 years. Tomorrow, (Sunday, Oct. 3) he’ll return to Instagram Live with the 75th episode of Sundays with SidOnline variety show featuring celebrity guests, live performers, and viewers “parties”There was a lot of reminiscing.

This Sunday’s guests include David Copperfield, Beverly D’Angelo, Paul Reubens, Debbie Allen and Donny Osmond.

Deadline asked Krofft a few questions about his new venture and his extensive career.

DEADLINE – Why do you use Instagram Live?

SID KROFFTMy 12-minute speech at Hollywood Walk of Fame’s tribute was well received by over 900 people. Kelly Killian, my assistant, told me on the way home that I should be on Instagram to share my stories. It was fascinating to me that I could be reliving my past 28 years as a performer. H.R. Pufnstufand all the other stuff. I’m sharing my stories, and maybe someone listening might be able use some of my experiences to help them on their journey.

DEADLINEWhat can you do?

SKI’m going to keep on doing this as long people are watching. I declared that it would be my last show on April Fools Day 2021. I was bombarded with messages from all corners of the globe, including tears-filled messages claiming that they watched my Instagram Live every Sunday and looked forward to it. They begged me to keep going. April Fools!

DEADLINE What’s your view on the use of CGI in today’s production, versus the costuming you used to create your fantasies?

SKCGI allows you to create facial expressions that are impossible with a costume. But what really impressed my audience in the 60s, was the realistic dimension of the characters. They had never seen anything like it before. It was mostly small people in costumes. This has been my favorite thing to do for many years. H.R. PufnstufMy puppet shows at Six Flags and Kings Island featured theaters seating 1,200 people. I used little people as strings to fool the audience in all my puppet shows. They were never aware. So I have been putting little people in costumes since the early ’60s and it sure as hell worked in our shows.

DEADLINEStories of other-worldly dimensions have mushroomed (The Matrix, Stranger Things, The Magicians). Is it possible that your concepts were influential in the inspiration of any of them?

SKYes. I’m aware that they did. People today still wonder if I was using drugs. Ten years later, I createdSigmund und the Sea became a classic.Land of the LostOur most successful show had dinosaurs. It was the second movie I saw that inspired me.One million B.C.with Victor Mature. Twenty years laterLand of the LostcameJurassic ParkCGI dinosaurs are now possible where the originals were slow motion. Today, nothing in the world is original and it’s the way you creatively approach it.

DEADLINE Does working in today’s version of Hollywood appeal to you? Or was it more fun in the ‘70s and ‘80s?

SKOf course it appeals to me. I’m always working, thinking and creating. In my 82-year journey in show business, I’ve tried to always move with the times. Every piece I create today, I strive to be original. I’ve always gone left in my career and had fun in every single decade.

DEADLINEWhat was the wackiest thing you were ever pitched?

SKMy legal team always told me to not look at other pitches. I was the creative force and didn’t want outside influence.

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